Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

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Hermit Tarot Card Meanings
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Hermit tarot card meanings IMTarot
9. Hermit

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The Hermit tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Hermit tarot card can mean:


A wise teacher.

Having wisdom beyond your years.

Seeking solitude.

Lighting the way for others.

Being able to communicate with animals.


Being alone, but not lonely.

Needing more and seeking more.





Symbolism in Hermit tarot card

Symbolism is from Rider Waite Deck.

hermit tarot card meaning


The Hermit’s posture with his robe and hood symbolises contemplation. The mountains symbolise accomplishments and growth. The Hermit standing on top of the mountain represents that his wisdom must be earned by striving for the highest truth.


The six-pointed star in the lantern represents the Seal of Solomon which symbolises the power to command demons and to speak with animals. The star also indicates being on your true spiritual path. The Hermit is being a pioneer who lights the way for others.

The staff

The staff is an emblem of authority and respected elders. The staff in the Hermits left hand represents the power of the subconscious mind. The snow symbolises the introverted nature of the Hermit. The inner world is more important than the outer world. The gray symbolises reflection wisdom and meditation.


The gray cloak represents the immortality of the soul.  Number 9 is the highest number in numerology (all digits are reduced to a one-digit number between 1-9), and it is the number for the old soul and the humanitarian. The Hermit is ruled by Virgo in the Zodiac.

Hermit tarot card meanings and Astrology

Hermit is ruled by Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury represents non-emotional and objective thought. It rules perception, language, writing, editing, research, speaking, and all kinds of learning experiences and learning styles. It also rules the assessment of data, telecommunications, computing, software, electronic gadgets, the postal service, shipping, and all forms of transportation. Psychologically the Hermit indicates heightens sensitivities and needs to prove our worth through service and hard work.

Hermit tarot card meanings upright

Hermit tarot card meanings in a general reading

The Hermit tarot card represents spending time alone, being a lone wolf, soul-searching, seeking spiritual guidance, introspection. The Hermit lets us know that the answers we seek are already within us. Other people will be drawn to you to get your advice. The Hermit tarot card can also represent a teacher or being a teacher to others. You might find yourself in a situation where you are both being the teacher and the student. By sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and advice you are guiding the way. The Hermit says that you are your own best teacher. If you quiet your mind you will hear the voice of God speaking to you. This takes practice. Meditation in solitude is the key to master this. You are the shining light in someone’s life, but to keep doing this, you also need time to yourself; to reflect, gather your thoughts, and connect to your centre. You can’t be everything for everyone. Take time for you.

Hermit tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the Hermit tarot card denotes a deep soulful relationship that develops over time. It often shows up when someone is friends first for a while before becoming anything more. Learn what the Hermit tarot card means as a final card in a love reading. 

Hermit tarot card in a career reading

In a career reading the Hermit can signify careers in teaching, writing, publishing, and mentoring. Sometimes the Hermit also speaks of an antique dealer.

Is Hermit tarot card a Yes or No in a tarot reading?

Hermit tarot card is most likely a No at this stage. There is something you are meant to realise in the situation you are in now before a new situation can be created. Look within. The Anwer is within you. You can change your reality but begin by changing you from the inside out.

The Hermit tarot card as feelings

The Hermit can speak of heartache the Seeker has a hard time letting go of. They might feel no one can really truly understand them, therefore they keep to themself. They might even choose to live in solitude. They prefer friendship to romantic relationships.

If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, the Hermit speaks of a person who often keeps his or hers feelings hidden. They often feel they can’t share their deepest feelings with anyone and instead they hide in their heads. They often feel very alone. They don’t like rocking the boat in personal relationships, because they don’t want to feel vulnerable.

Learn what the Hermit tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. 

Hermit tarot card as Personality types

Hermit tarot card as personality types denotes someone who is wise beyond their years, a true old soul. They are often on a spiritual quest for truth and enlightenment. They connect with their inner light through reading, writing, teaching, and mentoring, and they consider life to be a big mystery. This is someone who spends a lot of time alone, however, they don’t consider themselves lonely. They thrive in their solitude as they often spend this time writing and reading. Hermit people have heightened sensitivities and need to prove their worth through service and hard work. They tend to be meticulous and over-critical of themselves, fixating on unnecessary details rather than seeing the big picture.

Hermit people have the ability to communicate with animals telepathically. 

Hermit tarot card meanings IMTarot
9. Hermit

Hermit tarot card meanings reversed

Hermit tarot card reversed indicates isolation and paranoia. There is no insight rather there is a twisted and a vicious side to the person. Hermit tarot card reversed also denotes someone who is very lonely and is ‘losing’ their grip on reality due to the amount of time they spend by themselves. The lantern is unable to shed any light and the person is buried in worries and darkness. The person might even seek the darkness out of fear of the light. There might be a problem with concentration, a lack of memory, and mental ability. There is also a lack of guidance and wisdom, and decisions being made are foolish and naive.

Hermit tarot card reversed as Personality types

The Hermit tarot card reversed as personality types indicate someone who is restricted, fixated and obsessed with an idea or a belief system. They need others to keep them intellectually stimulated and they often feel completely worthless and lonely when left on their own. They often have a lack of boundaries. Hermit reversed can indicate someone who is quite isolated, and who spends a lot of time over-analysing their own confused state. Their minds are filled with criticism and judgement of themselves, their bodies, and their lives. When it is less negative, Hermit reversed can speak of someone who has gone down the wrong rabbit hole. They have attached themselves to a false belief and they find it hard to see the truth. Deep down they know there is another way, but first them must admit they they were wrong.

Hermit tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Hermit:

The Hermit(IX) + The Magician: Online classes. 

The Hermit(IX) + Strength: Publishing. 

The Hermit(IX) + Justice: Legal advice. 

The Hermit(IX) + The Devil: Business plans.

The Hermit(IX) + The Moon: A writer. Writing. 

The Hermit(IX) + Ace of wands: New age. 

The Hermit(IX) + Three of wands: Online shop. 

The Hermit(IX) + Seven of wands: Born to teach. 

The Hermit(IX) + Eight of wands: Electronics. Computers. Telecommunication.

The Hermit(IX) + Knight of wands: Lighting the way for others. 

The Hermit(IX) + Queen of wands: Creating your own brand. 

The Hermit(IX) + Ace of cups: Learning a new language. 

The Hermit(IX) + Two of cups: Past life love. 

The Hermit(IX) + Seven of cups: Connecting with someone online. 

The Hermit(IX) + Eight of cups: Searching for truth. Solving a cold case. 

The Hermit(IX) + Ten of cups: Spiritual text. 

The Hermit(IX) + King of cups: A journalist. 

The Hermit(IX) + Ace of pentacles: New research. 

The Hermit(IX) + Five of pentacles: loneliness. 

The Hermit(IX) + Nine of pentacles: A confident teacher. 

The Hermit(IX) + King of pentacles: A spiritual entrepreneur. 

The Hermit(IX) + Four of swords: Meditation study. 

The Hermit(IX) + Six of swords: Travel to a remote place. 

The Hermit(IX) + Knight of swords: An old soul living in a modern world. 

Learn how to read Tarot card combinations using the Arrows technique in my Tarot course here. 

Hermit tarot card meanings summary

Hermit tarot card denotes spending time alone to find satisfying answers to life’s deeper mysteries. Sometimes the Hermit signifies a teacher, and sometimes you are the teacher. When the Hermit shows up in your reading you might feel drawn to solitude and meditation.

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