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Who should shuffle the Tarot Cards

Who should Shuffle the Tarot Cards? Seeker or Reader? Watch the video below to find out my suggestion on Who Should Shuffle the Tarot cards in a reading.

What house will you live in

What House Will I Live In ~ tarot spread This spread will also help you predict what type of personality your current house has. For this purpose, pull one card until the 1st [...]

Musical Talents in Tarot

How to Discover your Musical Talents in the Tarot Cards This tutorial was first shared with my Bundle students. Get full access to the Bundle (all courses included) here. Tarot Cards [...]

Your Week Ahead Tarot Reading

Your Week Ahead ~ Pick a Tarot Card Time Stamps: Take some time and meditate on what card group to pick. Card 1: 0:33 Card 2: 2:45 Card 3: 4:56 Get the [...]

The Star Tarot Spread

The Star Tarot Spread Find out how to make your dreams come true. The Star tarot card is all about hope and making your dreams come true. Make your dreams your goals and [...]

What does my Soulmate Look Like

What does my Soulmate Look Like ~ Tarot Spread Split the deck into minor and major cards. Step 1. Use only the minor arcana cards. Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out 6 [...]

Major and Minor Card Combination

How to read a major arcana and a minor arcana card together When you read a major arcana card next to a minor arcana card it is a good idea to [...]

Free Who is your Soulmate Reading using the Norse Gods and Goddesses deck

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How does he or she feel about you free reading using the Norse Gods and Goddesses deck

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