Who are the Nihal Starseeds

Nihal starseeds are from a star in the constellation of Lepus. According to Akashic Record Readers, the Nihal starseeds are often called indigo children and have indigo eyes. They look Nordic in appearance. I asked my tarot cards to tell me the truth about Nihal. If you are from this … Read more

Who are the Sirian Starseeds

I asked my tarot cards to tell me the truth about Sirius. If you are from this fascinating star family, I hope you find this information helpful. The Sirian Starseed mission on planet Earth (according to my Tarot cards) Many Sirian Star seeds undergo a profound spiritual awakening through believing … Read more

Who is the Hadarian Starseeds

You can learn more about the Hadarian starseed group on Erin Lynn’s Akashic Records website here. I channeled the following information with the use of my tarot cards. If you are a Hadarian starseed, I hope this information is helpful. Hadarian Starseed mission (according to my Tarot cards) Hadarian star … Read more

Who Are the Blue Avian Starseeds

Blue Avians are a group of benevolent, higher-dimensional beings who are highly evolved and intelligent. These beings are often described as bird-like, humanoid, and blue in appearance. I channelled this information with the help of my tarot cards as I wanted to get direct confirmation about this fascinating star group. … Read more

Loki is Saturn ~ the veil between our worlds

To understand the true meaning of deities, it is helpful to interpret their names and the names of their children and spouses. Sometimes even the names of their siblings give vital clues. A common interpretation of Loki is that his name means fire, but this name could be from another … Read more

The True Meaning of Völund, The Smith.

In Norse mythology, Völund (also known as Wayland the Smith) is a legendary craftsman and blacksmith. His story is told in the Völundarkviða. He is considered to be one of the most skilled and celebrated smiths in all of mythology. According to popular and modern interpretations, Völund is an iconic … Read more

Who is Rindr ~ A Misunderstood Norse Goddess

This old norse story speaks of the turning of the seasons, but it also has a spiritual meaning. I talk about the spiritual meaning in this video here: https://youtu.be/Boqu7b9mh-E To understand Rindr, we must interpret the story where she is an active element, namely the story of how Höðr killed … Read more

Who are the Andromeda Starseeds

Andromeda starseeds are individuals who are believed to have originated from the Andromeda galaxy, which is located approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth. These individuals are said to have a deep spiritual connection to the Andromeda galaxy and its energetic frequencies, which are believed to be of a higher vibration … Read more

How do they feel ~ A Tarot Guide

This is a general summary of what Tarot cards mean in the context of how someone feels. Major Arcana Fool as Feelings: This card speaks of the Seeker feeling they want to try something new. They feel like taking a risk. They feel like following their heart and throwing themselves … Read more

Tarot Artist James Flowerdew

Author, Illustrator, and Artist James Flowerdew is giving us a first look into his tarot deck and creative journey. There is a leaning towards the old french decks and the Visconti-Sforza deck, as well as many others. The most modern one is the Crowley Thoth deck. The Major Arcana is … Read more

The Gods and Goddesses that inspired my IMTarot Deck

My tarot deck was a 5 year project in the making. When it finally finished, I realised many cards have symbolism from Gods and Goddesses across many cultures. By studying the Archetype Gods in the cards, we can learn even more about the meaning of the tarot. You can get … Read more

Top ten Tarot cards for Nature

Perhaps the answer to your question is to connect to nature more. There are my top 10 cards for Nature is Calling you. You can also get this post as a Youtube tutorial on my channel here. Tarot cards and Nature connection Temperance: A bridge between heaven and earth is … Read more

Cartomancy pick a Card Reading

While away on Holiday, I recorded a pick a card reading using regular playing cards. This was a great opportunity to brush up on my skills on regular playing cards. Back in 2014, I wrote a blog about how you can translate regular playing cards into Tarot cards. Click on … Read more

High Priestess Intuitive Fusion

Learn the traditional meaning of High Priestess tarot card here. Get this post as a Full Video Training here. This Fusion is my most Sacred and Special blend. It consists of 18 different oils all up. The purpose of the High Priestess Intuitive Fusion is to create a scent that … Read more

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