Higher Self Meditation

Higher Self Meditation to Strengthen Sense of Self

This meditation aims at helping the Seeker strengthen their sense of self. This meditation will help you stay grounded and connected to a higher power at the same time. The technique you will learn here will also help you deepen your intuition. You can use this technique in your tarot readings.

This meditation will also help you connect to your Heart. You will receive a message from your higher self and connect to your soul.

You will connect to Pure love energy of Creator of all. This place is a place of pure love and wisdom. It has all the answer and staying in this energy can help you feel loved and secure.

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My Weekly Tarot Cards August 2019

ingie tarot reader

My Weekly Tarot Cards ~ End of August 2019 ~

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Judgement: I pulled this card at the end of the day, and at first I couldn’t wrap my head around how this ordinary day could be a Judgement kind of day. Judgement speaks of renewal of an old way of life, being a Spiritual leader, seeing things from a Divine perspective, and even renew old relationships. At its best, Judgement speaks of your highest calling in life. From a more mundane perspective, it speaks of giving or receiving judgement. It can mean authorities and sometimes it is the Seeker that is the authority. I had an AHA moment trying to figure out what Judgement meant in my case. The whole day, I was waiting for a yay or a nay from Google Play Console about my App. I didn’t know if they would accept my app and I kept checking for updates all the time. I was waiting for their Judgement. Sometimes, the tarot is very straight forward.

5 of Wands: Like yesterday, I didn’t know how this could be a 5 of wands kind of day. I spent the whole day at home. It dawned on me that it correlated to the Oracle mixing webinar. I mixed several Oracles together and as 5 of wands indicate, strong ‘personalities’ working together. Each element in the situation wants to stand out. Perhaps my Runes and Tarot feel they are strong Individuals and should have more time in the ‘spotlight’ so to speak. Watch my Oracle Mixing Webinar Here.

Devil: Today, I watched a pretty gruesome documentary on the crime channel. When you are doing daily tarot card readings, the cards can reach a pretty mundane level and reflect what you watch on tv/youtube/cinema. My husband, Tom and I went out for dinner. When we got back, I could see he was really tired and not himself. There was pretty heavy energy at the restaurant and he did an energy clearing. He got so tired, he went to sleep for ages. Wayward spirits can attach themselves to people. If you command them to the Creator’s light, they have to go. You can visualise them going to Creator’s pearly white light. You can also ask the Creator to call them by their name to the light. Devil tarot card can mean needy and greedy energy attaching themselves to you. Command all these energies to go to the Creator’s light.

Knight of Wands: Knight of wands speaks of being on the road and often being spontaneous. I ended up seeing a movie about an adventurous road trip. I find that when I do the day to day tarot card, the cards even reflect what I watch on the movies or on tv. Today was also the last day before I could kick back and go on a mini-holiday. My mind was in relaxation mode and I was so excited about taking days off to be creative and work on my creative projects. Knight of wands can speak of you when you are doing what you are the most excited about. When dealing with people, it is often people who like to live to the extreme. When positive, it is adventure and fun. When negative, you often deal with people who are narcissistic and mean, and who intrude themselves into your life whether you like to or not. Today, I had to enforce some strong boundaries with people from my past.

Judgement: Today I got the green light from Google and my app is now in the playstore. Judgement can mean you are waiting for approval and it is often a good sign. I spent time with my friend and app co-creator, Dominic and we had such a great time going to Camp Hill Antique store. This store is an old theatre and it is HUGE and multistory. Antique dealers rent space inside and sell their stuff. Judgement can speak of the old, and when reversed, it can speak of an old haunted building. There are antiques from all over the world and different eras. The past is truly coming alive again, and Judgement is a perfect card for Antiques.

Three of Wands: Today I went to one of my favourite Meetup groups: WordPress Northside :) It was great, and everyone had to stand up and speak about our businesses and how we got into WordPress. I also had a realisation about my other business: CrochetArtDesign. I need to narrow down the niche and begin to make a pattern project in a very narrowed down niche. It will be Heirloom tops and special Heirloom/Hairpin crochet stitches. This might be turned into an app. Three of wands often speaks of when you are ready to take the next step in your enterprise, and it often involves some planning and problem-solving. In a work-related question, Three of wands speaks of solving problems and moving forward in a harmonious way. If it shows up reversed, the Seeker finds it hard to stay on top of everything. They need to narrow down their priorities.

Knight of Wands: Today I went on a road-trip with my long-term friend, Peter. We went to Mt.Mee and Montville. We visited a motorcycle memorabilia cafe called the Pitstop. When we got to beautiful Montville, I ended up succumbing to some spontaneous shopping and bought a beautiful drawer for my essential oils potions. I also bought more essential oils. I worked on my creative Heirloom/hairpin ideas when I got home. Knight of wands often speaks of impulsive action and spending time on the go. It is the perfect card for a Road trip. It can even speak of motorcycles and motorcyclists, which is funny since we spent time inside the motorcycle memorabilia pitstop.

If you want to check out my adventures, I post regularly on Instagram. 

Tarot card Combinations and Arrow

This card combination created an Arrow of change for me. There is a door opening up for me in the world of adventure, and enterprise. When you get an Arrow of change, you will also often spend more time in new places. I am just about to go to Wordcamp, Brisbane and I will be a tourist in my own city. I will meet new people and I am ready to take the next step in my enterprise. An Arrow of change does indicate you will be living your life in a completely new way soon.

If you want to learn the Arrows tarot technique, study here. This technique gives answers in regard to Tarot card Combinations. 

Favourite Celebrity Tarot Readings

celebrity tarot reading

Learn Tarot Card Meanings and Card Combination in this Celeb webinar

How to read Tarot Card Combinations

When I read tarot card combinations, I read the tarot elements, tarot groups, and numerology in one. Then I add the Individual Tarot Card Meanings on top, plus I add intuition as well. This method is called the Arrows tarot technique. After discovering this technique, I only read using it as it brings the most clarity. I am the only one teaching this technique, and if you want to learn how to read using this technique, you can study here.

Tarot is about finding answers, and ‘The Arrows’ is designed to give you answers quickly and accurately.

How important is it to learn Card Meanings?

It is, of course, important, but everything is a Mixed Blessing. You can get too hung up on card meanings. At some point, you have to ‘throw away’ the book so to speak. Let the cards speak to your intuition and go past what the tarot books say. There are several ways you can learn this. I teach intuitive training and I also encourage people to mix oracles. I mix Tarot and Runes (elder futhark). The tarot brings new revelations to the Runes and vice versa. Think of it is like this: You grow in an environment and a specific culture. You culture is rich and meaningful, however, you can’t fully grasp it and appreciate it because you live in it 24/7. Then you travel to another culture. Suddenly you notice everything about your own culture because you now have something to compare it too. You have new context and you learn new things about yourself and you see new things about the traditions and your culture you never before noticed. It is the same thing when you mix Oracles. You can stare yourself ‘blind’ on the tarot cards and if that happens, mix in Oracle cards or Runes. This will give you your eyes back. :)

How to Participate in my Future Tarot Webinars

I regularly read for people on my Subscriber lists and I give Free Tarot demonstrations for my Subscribers. When you subscribe above you also get a free gift (currently it is 3 x tarot games for manifestations). I hope to see you inside….:)

Four Knights of Change

knight of wands tarot card meanings

Four Knights of Change ~ Free Reading

In this fun tarot game, you pick a card from 1-4. The four Knights are displayed in the four cards. Knights are all about changes. Pick a card 1-4 to find out what changes are most likely to occur in the next 3 months.

This is a just for fun game.

Pick a Card time stamps:

Card 1: 1:26 min.

Card 2: 1:55 min.

Card 3: 2:18 min.

Card 4: 2:45 min.

Card of the day Free download

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Card of the day ~ Learn tarot through Intuition


Click here to Download the Card (Combinations) of the day Worksheet.

Print this PDF and begin learning the tarot through your daily living. You can also learn card combinations this way.

Pick a random card and bring it with you: Let the card speak to you throughout the day. Fill out the worksheet as follows:

The card you chose. Write some keywords that come to mind.

What new did you learn about this card today? 

Check the opportunities boxes (this will train your mind to recognise when a great opportunity comes your way): You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity, however, noticing them often increase them.

What can I throw away to bring in Abundance: If you are super organised, no worries. This is for the collectors, hoarders, and lover of clutter. When every room, shelf, and drawer are filled up, the flow of abundance can get blocked. It can be a good idea to go through your stuff and begin either throwing it out or donating it.

AHA moments: Did you have an AHA moment today? If so, write it down here.

Conversations: Did you have or observe any conversations today that you can learn from.

Under (B)interesting, you can choose to write down the conversations you wish to Bin or the conversations you found interesting.

Under Fun, you can write down the fun conversations you had or observed.

Under Inspiring, you can write down the inspirational stuff you either observed, said, or were told.

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