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Coffee Cup Reading ~ What does it all mean?

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SACK OF GOLD ~ A sack of gold in your coffee cup can mean you will have a big financial reward in your life. It can also mean your investments will grow and you will have more money in your life. A sack of gold is also mean to find out what ‘real wealth’ means to you. What in your life is truly valuable? This is beyond material things and has nothing to do with money. Knowing what is truly valuable in your life will help with bringing wonderful non-resistant energy to money which often results in more abundance.


A distinctive shape in your coffee or teacup, even your hot chocolate cup, is in my opinion messages from your higher self. You might also receive a message from a lost loved one this way.

When giving yourself a coffee cup reading, make it simple. What association do you have with the symbols? Coffee cup readings are very subjective.

I always have a look inside the coffee cup after finishing a drink. This year, I photographed some of the images I saw inside my coffee cup. :)

Signs inside Coffee Cup ~ Coffee Cup Scrying.

bird coffee cup scryingA flying bird in your coffee cup can mean there will be more freedom in your life. There could be a new beginning that will mean new heights and a new horizon to explore and achieve. A beautiful bird like a swan often means grace, beauty, love, music, and poetry.

ring coffee cup scrying

A ring in your coffee cup can mean you will get engaged, married or there could be a deepening in a love relationship in your life.

volcano coffee cup scrying

A volcano in your coffee cup can mean you will have a resolution in a conflict and a shift in your paradigm. A karmic pattern could be released and perhaps even a new chapter in your life. Release old anger, grudges, and resentments to gain deeper access to your own inner being.

toucan spirit animal coffee cup scrying

A big-beaked bird such as a Pelican or a Toucan can mean you have a story within you. Writing and sharing your story can be very beneficial, both for you and others. Now could be the time to write a book. A bird that is not flying, but instead sitting down, means now is a time for contemplating, writing, recording, and planning for the future. You will soon fulfill an important part of your Destiny. A Toucan is also a symbol of having dexterous talents.

hummingbird spirit animal coffee cup scrying

Birds forming a ring means a soulmate relationship. If you are single, it can mean you will meet your soulmate when you least expect it. If you are in a relationship, birds forming a ring speaks of a wonderful time in your relationship and a deepening in commitment. You only have eyes for each other.

owl spirit animal

Not all symbols will be found in coffee cups. I saw this Owl in a wooden cabin in Mount Glorious, QLD, Australia. Owls, either found in your coffee cup, a sighting of a real owl, or the image of an Owl showing up anywhere else, is a sign of wisdom and discernment in your life. Owls are strongly connected to the Spirit world. They are a good omen and means more peace and happy relationship in your life.

whale spirit animal coffee cup scrying

A Whale in your coffee cup can mean a long lost friend wanting to communicate with you, and they might be reaching out. You could also feel a strong emotional connection to certain people and places. If you have experienced loneliness, a Whale denotes you will soon connect with your Soul family. This will bring you joy, laughter, and happiness. You will also discover some hidden talents you didn’t know you possessed.

Bear spirit animal

A bear or a big animal like a gorilla in your coffee cup speaks of being strong and determined. You will be able to break down barrier and obstacles to reach your dreams. There could also be more responsibilities put on your shoulders. Other people are looking to you to show them the way. A gorilla often means parenting will become front and center. A bear often speaks of a promotion.

wolves spirit animal

Wolves in your coffee cup speak of a social environment that provides much intellectual stimulation. There is a strong sense of loyalty and shared purpose amongst you. You could also experience a stronger sense of intuition and instinct. If you feel hard to trust, you could be learning a valuable lesson in who can be trusted and who cannot be.

leaf symbolism

A leaf in your coffee cup speaks of purification process in your life. You will turn a new leaf in their life. It will be easier to let go of emotional baggage. A leaf can also be a sign of healing. It is a reminder that life is a lesson in vulnerability and the only things that keep us strong is the love we have in our hearts.

horse spirit guide

A horse in the coffee cup speaks of more dedication and work in your life. Horses are hard working animals and it could mean you will enter into a productive period of your life. If you have been working too hard, a horse in your coffee cup speaks of more horseplay and taking time to socialise with like-minded people. If you feel a lack of progress, a horse in your coffee cup can mean you will soon have a big breakthrough.

mouse spirit animal

A mouse in your coffee cup means you need to pay attention to the details in your life, and also how you spend your resources. A mouse in your coffee cup means you will make the most of every situation in your life and enjoy even the most mundane and trivial moments to the fullest.

rat coffee cup scrying coffee cup reading

A rat in your coffee cup can mean you are reinventing yourself and using your resources in a smart and sophisticated way. You could be learning a new skill or reusing an old skill in a new way. A rat can also be an indication of good fortune in business.

turtle spirit meaning spirit meaning turtle

A turtle in your coffee cup can be a reminder that slow and steady wins the race. You might find yourself more resilient and determined than usual. You most likely will find much-needed peace and tranquility. Turtle is a symbol of living your purpose on Earth in a serene way, even when others might be far from peaceful. You are learning not to let other people’s attitude steal away your peace of mind.

tea pot symbolism

A tea-pot in your coffee cup can mean strong friendships in your life and you will spend more time with people you can trust and confide in. The tea-pot can also symbolise Aladdin’s magical lamp and you could get a Major Wish coming through for you. Also, look at what comes out of the tea-pot or lamp. I see two dolphins playing at the top of the tea-pot. Dolphins in your tea-cup speak of joyful spiritual connections, soulful friendships and fun moments.

snail spiritual meaning coffee cup scrying snail SNAIL

A snail in your coffee cup is a sign of more fun and humorous times ahead. You might feel more light-hearted than usual and someone could also be making you belly-laugh. Snail is also a sign that you must stick to your path and focus your energy on what is important to you.

woman coffee cup scyring coffee cup reading PERSON

A person or people in your coffee cup speak of someone important in your life. In this image, there is the outline of a woman’s profile. It appears she is looking at another woman. This could mean a renewal of an important friendship in the Seeker’s life.

snake spirit animal coffee cup scrying SNAKE

A snake in your coffee cup indicates spiritual healing and becoming more sensitive to spiritual energies. Also notice what the snake is doing: is it sleeping, or is it alert. This snake is very alert, and it looks like it is ready to attack. This could indicate the Seeker feeling a lot of pressure, perhaps they feel constantly under attack. Snake means now is a good time to look within and heal yourself from your inner struggles. You will be able to navigate yourself through all kinds of terrain by using your wisdom and communication skills. Snake also means clever decisions in finances.

giraffe spirit animal coffee cup scrying GIRAFFE

A giraffe in your coffee cup denotes you will stand tall and reach your highest potential. Giraffe also signifies gifts in clairvoyance and now is a good time to practice your spiritual talents. A giraffe often shows up to tell you when you will receive more attention and it is wise to be graceful and kind to others.

cow symbol coffee cup scrying COW

A cow in your coffee cup is a very positive symbol of abundance and standing strong in an emotional storm. A cow is also a holy symbol of divine protection. Generally, a cow is seen as a symbol of motherhood and is thus a good sign for those who have wanted to have children. Cow symbolising caring and giving to those around you, and is a reminder that you must also care for yourself.

mountain spiritual meaning MOUNTAIN

A mountain in your coffee cup is a sign of a learning experience that can take you to new heights. This opportunity could present itself as an obstacle at first, however, as you solve the first perceived problems, you will see it was, in fact, stepping stones to take you higher. A mountain is the ultimate sign of spiritual evolution and higher perception.

platypus spirit animal coffee cup PLATYPUS

A platypus in your coffee cup is a message to be gentle. You might feel that life is passing you by, and platypus reminds you that you are moving forward at your own rhythm. You are a unique person and you might have a strong need for solitude. Platypus also shows up when something unpleasant from the past needs to be healed and released.

hedgehog spirit animal coffee cup reading HEDGEHOG

A hedgehog in your coffee cup is a message to keep using your gifts and that the world needs what you have to offer. If you have stopped using your gifts then Hedgehog is a sign that now is a time to begin using them again. If you have creative talents, now is a time to develop them further. Hedgehog asks you to share yourself with the world and not to hide away too much. If you feel the world is a harsh place, Hedgehog reminds you to be around like-minded souls who lift your spirit. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Learn more about Hedgehog spirit animal here. 

bell symbolism coffee cup reading BELL

A bell in your coffee cup is a sign of clearing of negative energy. The bell is also a symbol of the voice of God. To hear God, we must be connected more to our hearts. It is easy to escape in our heads, but it is within our hearts we can truly feel the presence of God. If you see a Bell, it can be a message that your consciousness has started to raise its vibration and you will have a stronger connection to Divinity. There is also a spiritual purification and renewal going on. While you are going through these changes, it is important to stay grounded in your body. Qigong exercises can be very beneficial right now.

hazelnut spiritual meaning HAZELNUT

A hazelnut in your coffee cup is a wonderful sign that your life situation will soon improve. The Hazelnut brings symbolism from the hazel tree which denotes wisdom and inspiration. The tree takes 4 years to bring nuts in 2-7 years old, so when a hazelnut shows up in your cup it can mean you are now seeing the full picture of a situation in your life that began several years ago. Something could have caused you a lot of pain that is now a source of inspiration and wisdom in your life.

sack of gold spiritual meaning SACK OF GOLD

A sack of gold in your coffee cup can mean you will have a big financial reward in your life. It can also mean your investments will grow and you will have more money in your life. A sack of gold is also mean to find out what ‘real wealth’ means to you. What in your life is truly valuable? This is beyond material things and has nothing to do with money. Knowing what is truly valuable in your life will help with bringing wonderful non-resistant energy to money which often results in more abundance.

mean person spiritual meaning MEAN OLD MAN/WOMAN

A mean old man/woman in your coffee cup can denote an old enemy or adversary is showing up in your life again. You must now be careful with how you communicate and respond to someone who could be very manipulative. This person could be very bitter and angry. Do not go into any kind of business or personal relationship or agreement with this person, unless you have your own legal representative to keep you safe. This is someone who could pretend to be your friend, but you might not know this person very well.

hamster spiritual meaning HAMSTER

A hamster in your coffee cup can mean a simpler time in your life where you can connect to your inner child. A hamster can also be a reminder of your childhood and how much simpler life was then. A hamster is a symbol of a child’s first pet and all the simple joys this little animal can give to a child. The hamster thus symbolises happiness, simpler times, simple joys, having fun, new opportunities, and enjoying life. The hamster also reminds us to make the most out of each situation in our lives.

dog spiritual meaning DOG

A dog in your coffee cup can literally mean you will get a dog, but it can also mean you will have more friendships in your life. If you see a big dog in your coffee cup it can mean you will have protection, including spiritual protection, in your life. Perhaps you need to ‘guard’ your life more and take action to safeguard your lifestyle and assets. A guard dog in your coffee cup can mean you must look into having the right insurance as well as safety features in your home, perhaps even getting an actual guard dog. :)

waxing moon symbolism CRESCENT MOON

A crescent moon in your coffee cup, in this case, a waxing moon, is spiritually linked to the maiden. The maiden is optimistic and hopeful about the future. She must learn to be wise and clever. There is a secret ready to be revealed as well. What she yearns for, is also yearning for her. This is a good time to manifest your deepest wishes. Our deepest wishes often represent our Divine Timing, and our Divine Timing is wishing for us just as much.

mermaid coffee cup scrying MERMAID

A mermaid in your coffee cup could be a message from the water spirit Undine. You could be guided now to form a stronger emotional bond between you and the people in your life that really matters to you. Make sure you include yourself in who matters to you. Many will have to begin creating a stronger emotional connection to self and then when the cup is filled within, they are ready to share and bond. Water is the symbol of both unity and life. Creating lasting bonds with others will be very important now, and you could be reflecting on the bonds you have already made. Some might be very surprising to you. The mermaid in my cup is at the bottom of the ocean. This could symbolise digging dip within. Notice where the mermaid appears in your cup. If she’s at the top, she could symbolise the surfacing of a subconscious program or bubbling creativity.

antelope in my coffee cup coffee cup scrying ANTELOPE

An Antelope in your coffee cup can be a sign that you will advance in some way by using your intellect. You are adaptable and once you make up your mind to do something, you accomplish it. The long horns on the antelope in my cup, can indicate this is an African antelope. African antelopes are a symbol of messages from your ancestors. An antelope in your cup can also indicate you will be drawn to running and physical exercise. You could also be guided to spend more time with like-minded people who share your values. Antelopes bring the message of simplicity. Let go of complicate and overthinking things.

bride coffee cup scrying BRIDE

A bride in your coffee cup can indicate getting married or the celebration of love in your life. This symbol showed up in my coffee cup the day before my wedding anniversary. A bride is a symbol of hope for the future and to take an oath of commitment in you life. Someone or something of upmost important is taking place in your life and you are committing yourself. If you are single, it can mean you meet the person you will marry. If you are married, it can mean a deepening of your love. A bride in your coffee cup can also be a sign to take care of your relationship and not to take it for granted.

coffee cup scrying symbols FACE

This man showed up in my coffee cup at the same time someone tried to get me to pay $1000 in bitcoin through a phishing scam. As you can see, the man has a computer screen brain and he looks like he is wearing glasses while searching for new victims on the computer. Sometimes, images in your cup will mirror what is going on in your life. Luckily, I did not fall for his scam, however, I was creeped out by the disturbing emails he sent me.

Polar bears symbolism coffee cup scrying POLAR BEARS

A Polar Bear or Polar Bears in your coffee cup can mean you will soon come to realise how strong you have become. There is inner strength and substance in your character and now is a good time to adapt to the new situations in your life. Do what has to be done, and keep aiming for your goals. Perhaps you think life is too harsh, but remember, Polar Bears adapt to the harshest of environment and even thrive in them. Polar Bear or Polar Bears in your cup mean you as well can thrive in the situation you find yourself in now.

horse symbolism coffee cup scrying HORSE FACING YOU

This is the second horse symbol showing up in my coffee cup (see horse further up). This time the horse has turned its head which can mean there is a change in direction. Horses are generally a symbol for strength, work-ethics, movement, travel and cooperation. If the horse has turned its head to look at you, it can mean an important friendship or work project is on its way.

arrow coffee cup scrying ARROW

An Arrow in your coffee cup can mean your life is about to take a new and exciting direction. Plans you have put on the backburner could be put back in focus now. A major project/goal could be completed and you could be setting yourself new and exciting goals for the future.

Camel spirit animal

A Camel in your Coffee Cup is a symbol of Honour and Strength. Camels are one of the most endurant animals that exist and they are also intelligent and friendly. Camels are a symbol of having High Emotional Intelligence. Camels are resourceful and useful in travel and exploring a vast new land. You might be exploring your Nomadic ways.

Symbols showing up can be a Spiritual Message ~ Coffee cup Scrying

A symbol appearing in your coffee cup is a sign that you are not alone. Even if you don’t know what it means, reflecting on it can bring you closer to your inner being and intuition. It is never too late to turn a situation around in your life. It is never too late to begin again. People change as they grow older and sometimes, strained relationships with friends and family get a second chance.

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Donkey Spirit Animal

Donkey is represented by Page of Swords Tarot Card

Donkey Spirit signifies the true meaning of Being of Service without losing your individuality. Donkey Spirit teaches eagerness and intelligence. Donkey helps those who wants to be of service in their own unique way, to create something wonderful and then share it with others. Donkey Spirit aids those with the Calling to Serve the Creator of All, and often takes on huge responsibilities. Donkey teaches you to repeat a formula over and over again without growing tired of your routine. Donkey teaches productivity through repeating what you know works. Donkey teaches you when to be stubborn and not be too influenced by the opinions of others.

Donkey Spirit teaches how you can unburden others without burdening yourself. Donkey helps you find your own winning formula so that it can be repeat for best result. Donkey Spirit teaches Strength of Character.

Donkey Medicine

Being of Service


The Winning Formula

Being unique

Not letting others change you

Routine (to achieve best result)

Faith in the Creator



Psychic hearing

The bringer of salvation

Donkey as a teacher

Donkey teaches how you can bring salvation to the World in your own unique way. Donkey Spirit helps those with a Calling to help others. Donkey teaches how you can hear the Voice of God to help other unburden themselves. Donkey teaches undying faith in the Creator.

Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator is represented by Four of Swords Tarot Card

Alligator Spirit signifies patience and regeneration. Alligator Spirit protects from manipulation and teaches how to bid your time for best result. Alligator Spirit gives you the Power to Survive. Alligator Spirit teaches to be mindful what you consume; physically, spiritually and intellectually. Alligator helps you digest slowly, thus calming you down so that you can regain your energy. Alligator Spirit teaches Psychic sight.

Alligator Spirit teaches how to stay safe and to protect yourself. Alligator helps people in the initial stages of their projects, to create things that become self-sustainable. Alligator will also help parents who need to better safeguard the safety of their children. Alligator teaches when to protect and when to let go.

Alligator Medicine



Saving energy


Safeguarding the young

Creating something sustainable

Knowing when to let go

Psychic sight

Spending time alone

Alligator as a teacher

Alligator teaches how to take a step back, spend time alone to regenerate yourself. Alligator teaches how to best use your energy. Alligator Spirit helps people understand when and how to act for the best result. Alligator teaches patience. Alligator assists parents protect their young, and in a broader sense; protect your enterprises until they are self-sustainable. Alligators are master survivors.

Dove Spirit Animal

Dove is represented by Knight of Cups Tarot Card

Dove Spirit signifies being the bringer of love and peace. Dove Spirit teaches gentleness and the appreciation of the simple things in life. Dove helps people communicate in a way that brings union, joy, love and peace to the World. Dove helps people rid themselves of thoughts and emotions that take away their peace of mind. Dove aids people in quieting their minds and embrace meditation. Dove assists people to heal on all levels; Emotional, Physical, Spiritually and Psychologically.

Dove Spirit teaches how to banish our inner agitation to Create Peace within. Dove further assists us to bring our Peace to others, often in the ways in which we communicate.

Dove Medicine









Releasing trauma from Cellular memory






Dove as a teacher

Dove teaches Ascension through forgiveness. Dove gives the gift of forgiveness so that you can be at peace with yourself and with the World. Dove helps those dedicated to bringing Peace to the World. Dove assists Channellers interpret Divine messages of love.

Salmon Spirit Animal

Salmon is represented by the Hermit Tarot Card

Salmon Spirit signifies spiritual wisdom and the ability to swim against the current to reach Source; meaning connecting and being one with All That Is. The Salmon is considered the wisest of animals. Salmon spirit teaches how you can swim against the current using reverse current flowing beneath the surface. This ability translates how we can allow life to lift us up, rather than pull us down. Salmon teaches how we can make life easy and playful while we also grow spiritually. Salmon Spirit teaches how to return home; your true home, and how to connect with your past to create an even better future.

Salmon Spirit teaches how to work with the Law of Non-Resistance. Salmon teaches how to live free from Fighting with your current circumstance, including yourself. Salmon teaches how to Flow rather than how to Force.

Salmon Medicine

Spiritual Wisdom

Connecting with All that is

Being lifted up

Giving birth to your ideas

Giving life

Being in the Flow

Letting go of Struggle

Being different from everyone else



Connecting with your past

Re-visiting your childhood

Being Childlike

Salmon as a teacher

Salmon teaches you to live with Flow rather than Force. Salmon teaches Spiritual wisdom. Salmon Spirit helps people connect to All that Is, and that nothing is more important. Salmon is the Spirit Animal for those who are different. People with Salmon as Spirit Animal are often very gifted, they might even be prodigies. Salmon teaches that you have a talent you discovered from Childhood and that you must embrace this talent in your current situation. If you have forgotten, you must revisit and rediscover.

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