Butterfly Spirit Animal

Butterfly is represented by Judgement Tarot Card

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Butterfly Spirit signifies changes that feel like they are beyond your control. Butterfly helps you transform gracefully. Butterfly Spirit comes into your life to bring your beauty and prosperity. Butterfly helps people forgive themselves. Who you are now is not the same you were in the past. You Soul is on an endless journey, and the lessons you encounter morph you into magnificent beings.

Butterfly helps see the bigger picture. Butterfly assists you in your spiritual development, to have atonement and forgiveness (often self-forgiveness) in your life.

Butterfly Medicine

Embrace change

Spiritual transformation

Recognizing you are no longer who you used to be




Fairy kingdom

Seeing the big picture

Soul travel

A spiritual life

Raising above the physical

Butterfly as a teacher

Butterfly teaches you how to change with grace and beauty. Butterfly assists in recognizing the spiritual lesson in everything and everyone. Butterfly gives spiritual wisdom.

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