Hummingbird Spirit Animal

Original Course ~ Card meanings and combinations.

This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Hummingbird is represented by The Fool Tarot Card

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Hummingbird speaks of treating life as a big adventure. The worst thing you can do is to stay stagnant, you are meant to move with lightness and joy. You might even be drawn into difficult situations to show others how to be more positive. You will be working closely with your Soul Family when Hummingbird is guiding you. You will be influenced by people of all ages, and you will be enjoying many Chance encounters.

Hummingbird Medicine

Chance encounters

Soul Family


Teaching Joy

Spreading Joy

Bringing Light


Being energized




Doing Something New

Hummingbird as a Teacher

Hummingbird teaches you to spread love and joy to those who are lucky enough to be in your presence.

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