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Spider is represented by Page of Wands tarot card

Spider speaks of connecting with your Creativity. When Spider shows up in your life you are urged to Create something you feel intensely passionate about. You are being encouraged to think BIG. With one little step at the time Weave a masterpiece that can sustain you far into the future.

Spider teaches you how to use your gentle side as your strength, and being your self. Spider lets you experience your own Genious when you stop thinking so much and instead allow yourself to achieve with ease. Spider will make you feel excited about your Life.

Spider Medicine


Eternal life

Bringing forward your ability from past lives

Acknowledging who you really are

Discovering what you are meant to do on Earth

Being Gentle

Connecting to Creator of All

Releasing Fear of Death (knowing there is no Death)

Overcoming phobias

Knowing when and how to move forward

Feeling Motivated

Living your Dream

Taking your own Advice over others

Spider as a teacher

Spider teaches you to keep Creating. What you do in this lifetime is up-most important, and you will be able to take it with you to the next life and the next, forever expanding your Creations.