Giraffe is represented by Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

Giraffe speaks of your vision and grace, and how you communicate through the way you carry yourself. Giraffe brings elegance and class to your life. When Giraffe shows up as your Spirit Animal it is often a sign that you will experience overnight success. Giraffe spirit brings love to family and friendships, and when you do well, those you care about will naturally benefit.

Giraffe assists you in making good decision, and to have foresight. Giraffe helps you attract a soul mate through renewing yourself on a physical level.

Giraffe Medicine




Attracting a Soul Mate

A physical renewal

Overnight success


Third eye activation

Love of family and friends


Maneuvering through life with dignity

Giraffe as a teacher

Giraffe teaches you to be look after the way you look. You will be encouraged to renew yourself on a physical level. Giraffe spirit helps you make good decisions through foresight.