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Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings:

Minor Arcana tarot cards denote the things in your life you are in control over. These cards speak of the day to day living and choices we make.

The suit of wands

The Suit of Wands represents the element of Fire and it’s astrological signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Wands covers your actions, your passions, inspiration, spirituality, enterprises, hobbies and creative pursuits. Let your ego be your Amigo and live your passion, bliss and joy. The suit of Wands will tell you about the things that make you excited about your life.

Upright Card Meaning:

ace of wandsAce of wands speaks of new beginnings. Be bold and start something new. Follow your inspiration. Ace of Wands speaks of births of all kinds; the birth of enterprises and job opportunities, and also the birth of a baby.

two of wands Two of Wands is about manifesting using the will and strength of your mind. You might have to weigh up your options before deciding on the one that is best for you.

three of wandsThree of Wands is the card for writers, and writing jobs and freelancers. It is also the card that follows the manifesting the querent did in Two of Wand, and the querent has now lived a new and exciting opportunity or dream.

four of wandsFour of Wands is the card for harmony and developing on a larger scale, often expanding your living situation, and also being stronger connected to a community.

five of wandsFive of Wands is about standing up for what is important to you, even if it means meeting some opposition.

six of wandsSix of Wands is the card for popularity, progress, victory and success, self-confidence and getting what you want.

seven of wandsSeven of Wands denotes being defensive and putting up barriers and boundaries. You are protecting your point of view and your position.

eight of wands Eight of Wands speaks of swift action and progress. It often shows up when there is a visitor coming, or when the querent is visiting someone.

nine of wandsNine of Wands is the card for strength, courage, resilience and endurance. Never give up and never surrender.

ten of wandsTen of Wands is the card for hard work and taking on more responsibility. You could be finding it hard to delegate and are instead doing it all yourself.

page of wandsPage of Wands denotes an enthusiastic young person who is eager to explore and gain life experience.

knight of wandsKnight of Wands denotes a person who is travelling through life at a high-speed, living life in the fast lane. This is someone who will be the life of the party.

queen of wandsQueen of Wands denotes a warm, kind and passionate woman. She is goal oriented and determined. She is also a metaphysic who can use her mind both to create harmony and havoc.

king of wandsKing of Wands denotes a married man who is a natural and charismatic leader. He has entrepreneurial skills and loves to run a new and exciting project.

Reversed Card Meaning:

ace of wands reversedAce of Wands reversed indicates that new beginnings are blocked. Ideas and enterprises do not take hold and there is little if any growth.

two of wands reversedTwo of Wands reversed indicates difficulties in making a decision, possibly due to the fear of making the wrong choice.

three of wands reversedThree of Wands reversed indicates there is a delay in rewards and a delay in a payoff. The seeker might be out of their league, unable to cope with the demands.

four of wands reversedFour of Wands reversed indicates the foundation not laid or not ready.

five of wands reversedFive of Wands reversed indicates loss in individuality. There is a struggle to stand out among others equally talented.

six of wands reversedSix of Wands reversed indicates not getting the rewards that are owed, success delayed of even defeat.

seven of wands reversedSeven of Wands reversed indicates an inability to hold your ground, especially if it is not popular. There is a lack of defending oneself.

eight of wands reversedEight of Wands reversed indicates lack of energy and slowness, and things are not moving in the right direction. There might be poor time management and delays.

nine of wands reversedNine of Wands reversed indicates weakness and stubbornness rather than strength and willpower. There is a waste of energy or lack of energy to save something.

ten of wands reversedTen of Wands reversed indicates fear of responsibilities, and incapability to keep on top of things. The seeker might be unmotivated and ready to walk away from their duties.

Ppage of wands reversedage of Wands reversed indicates a bully and a mean-tempered person who likes to show off and is demanding attention.

knight of wands reversedKnight of Wands reversed indicates a bully who wants to win at any costs. This is someone with acting talent who can turn his charm on and off and manipulate to get his way.

queen of wands reversedQueen of Wands reversed indicates intimidation and domination. There is a lack of faith or even worse, faith in black magic and darkness.

king of wands reversedKing of Wands reversed indicates dictatorship. This is someone with a god complex and a bad temper, often very violent.

What do the Wands tarot cards tell us in a reading

Many wands in a reading can denote a time for spiritual awakening and restlessness. We burn up from the inside out as we become more enlighten and eventually a full rebirth happens. In a reading dominated by wands, tarot cards can indicate a time where you are very active physically, maybe too active and you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. Fatigue and burnouts can become a consequence. Our health is our wealth. Balance is the key.

The Suit of wands in the grand tableau

The connections between the suit of Wands can be seen in the Grand Tableau. Click on text to learn more.