Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

three of wands

Three of Wands Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Preparing for what is to come.

Planning ahead.

An expanding enterprise.


Creative writers.

Expanding horizons.

Seeing the big picture.

Being a representative.


Overwhelmed by demands.

Unable to complete a project.

Three of wands tarot card meanings upright

Three of wands tarot card signifies the Seeker is ready to expand their awareness. Something new is being created. The Seeker often discover their creative talents when this card shows up.

Three of wands in the Vision Quest

The suit of wands is about channeling the masculine energy to go within. In Three of wands, they go deeper within themselves seen in the ships travelling further out to sea.

Three of wands in love reading

In a love reading, three of wands often speaks of learning something new in a relationship. If single, Three of wands can mean the Seeker is picky when it comes to who they date. They want someone they can grow with.

Three of wands in a career reading

In a career reading, Three of wands signifies careers in writing, project management, and freelancing. Three of wands in a career can also denote expanding and taking on more responsibilities. This card can mean they are expanding on a business idea.

Three of wands as feelings

Three of wands as feelings denotes the Seeker feels ready for a renewal. The Seeker could feel they have walked too long on the same old path, and they are now ready for a new beginning. This is also a card for creativity. The Seeker desire more time to create when this card shows up.

Three of Wands as Personality types

Three of wands as personality type denotes someone with great inner strength. They have a noble attitude. They love inserting new ideas into their routine. Three of wands is someone who is confident and optimistic. They are often very capable.

Three of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Three of Wands tarot card reversed indicates there are delays in rewards and payoffs. The seeker might be unable to cope with demands. The environment might be toxic which makes it hard for growth. Instead of going further, the Seeker could have stagnated.

Three of Wands reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Three of wands reversed denotes someone with a hard time breaking free from their habits. Three of wands reversed can denote someone who has a hard time communicating their needs. They need to connect to what they want deep down. This is someone who often settle for less than what they want deep down.

Three of wands tarot card meanings summary

Three of wands speaks of going deeper into themselves to find out what they are made of. The Seeker could find out what they really want when this card shows up.

Three Of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Three of wands:

3 of wands + The Fool: Communicating on social media. 

3 of wands + The Magician: Online business. Talented writer. A copywriter. 

3 of wands + The Empress: An opportunity to work from home. 

3 of wands + Temperance: Journalism. Foreign Correspondence. Overseas study. 

3 of wands + The Devil: Self-employed businessman/woman. 

3 of wands + The Tower: Unable to cope with demands. 

3 of wands + The Moon: Writer. If the Moon is reversed, this card combination can mean procrastination. 

3 of wands + Five of swords: Rudeness. 

3 of wands + Six of swords: Travel. 

3 of wands + Ace of cups: Learning about a very different culture. 

3 of wands + Two of cups: Relationship therapist. 

3 of wands + Four of cups: Procrastination. 

3 of wands + Nine of cups: Getting what you want in career and study. Doing well on exams and tests. 

3 of wands + Knight of cups: Poet. Writer. 

3 of wands + Six of pentacles: A manuscript. 

3 of wands + Knight of pentacles: A creative job. 

3 of wands + King of pentacles: Expanding a business opportunity. 

3 of wands + Two of wands: Project management. Creative project. 

3 of wands + Six of wands: A successful decision. Being ahead of your time. 

3 of wands + Eight of wands: Marketing. News reporter. Media. 

3 of wands + Nine of wands: Intellectual property. 

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