Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

page of pentacles

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Being physically attractive.

Taking care of how you look and present yourself.

Reinventing yourself.

Starting something new.


Working towards a goal.

Being practical. Following the rules.


Wasting time and talents.

Intellectual snobbery.

Caring too much about things and money. 

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings upright

Page of pentacles in general questions

Page of pentacles tarot card indicates reinventing yourself in some way. It often denotes an opportunity to start something new, whether it is a creative venture, studying, business, or a new job offer. Page of pentacles is not yet an expert in the field of choice but has a clear goal and dream to achieve. If you draw Page of pentacles you will get a chance to make your dream a reality, but you must put in the work and you must learn what is acquired to fulfill this goal.

Page of pentacles in the Vision Quest

In the suit of pentacles, the Seeker goes into the vision quest to improve on their mindset. This card is similar to Ace of pentacles in the sense that they decide to go on the quest. In Knight of pentacles, they are journeying within.

Page of pentacles in a love reading

Page of pentacles can also mean that the Seeker will find love at a seminar, at university, or through a health/fitness club.

Page of pentacles in a career reading

In a career reading Page of pentacles tarot cards can mean the Seeker is learning to have the right mindset to achieve their desired outcome. The is similar to Ace of pentacles. Page of pentacles can speak entry jobs, students, and interns.

Page of pentacles as feelings

Page of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling beautiful. There could also be a lot of pressure on the seeker at the moment to look a certain way, and the seeker feels they must put a lot of effort into how they look.

Page of pentacles as Personality types

Page of pentacles as a personality type is someone interested in education and learning. When they learn they feel alive. They love the finer things in life and are quite enchanted with life.

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings reversed

Page of Pentacles can speak of unrealistic ambitions and/or intellectual snobbery. This card reversed can also mean the Seeker is working on becoming more independent. If not a person, page of pentacles tarot card reversed can speak of misleading information and hidden agendas. 

Page of pentacles reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

The Seeker could find it hard to leave the nest when this card is reversed. They often do their best at avoiding the harsher realities of life. This card reversed can speak of someone who focuses too much on appearance and martial comforts. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when the Seeker needs to reinvent themselves. They could have outgrown themselves.

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings summary

As in all the pages; Page of pentacles speaks of early stages of a project/plan/enterprise. There is a desire to learn something new. This card can speak of being a student.

Page of pentacles (POP) tarot card combinations

Some important tarot combinations including Page of pentacles (POP).

POP + Fool: Studying. 

POP + High Priestess: Studying Esoteric knowledge. 

POP + World: Studying overseas. It can also mean overseas students. 

POP + Two of pentacles: Part-time work to pay for studies. 

POP + Four of pentacles: A wealthy school or a rich neighbourhood.

POP + Eight of swords: Being afraid of rejection, especially in a learning environment. 

POP + Knight of swords: Having a specialist skill. 

POP + Six of cups: A childhood friend.

POP + Page of cups: A wonderful friendship.

POP + Ace of wands: Applying for the job of your dreams.

POP + Nine of wands: Protecting a creating venture of a project. 

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