Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


page of cups

Page of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


A gentle spirit.

Sentimental and romantic.

A romantic message.

An audition. Showing your talents.

Being creative and learning a creative skill.

Seeing something with new eyes. 

Loving and sweet, but also shy.


Avoiding responsibility.


Feeling low emotionally.

Page of cups tarot card meanings upright

Page of cups tarot card meanings in a general question

Page of cups tarot card denotes a young person with a gentle and sensitive nature. This is someone who lives in wonder and can be quite naive at times. There is a highly creative side to this person who loves to make things, sing, and write. Since all the pages also are messengers, the Page of cups is the message of love, intuition and creativity. 

Page of cups in the Vision Quest

The fish in the cup symbolises the Seeker’s soul. The Seeker is now being aware of their soul and their spiritual life. The ocean speaks of Source. The Seeker is becoming aware of this consciousness. The pages are similar to the aces. This is the beginning of a new vision quest. 

Page of cups tarot card meanings in a love question

In a love reading, Page of cups tarot card denotes romantic news are on its way. If the Seeker is single they might find out that they have an admirer. In a relationship, Page of cups speaks of renewing the relationship through kind words and romantic gestures. 

Page of cups tarot card meanings in career questions

Page of cups can also mean creative jobs or work with children. Page of cups can mean putting yourself out there to be judged (like an audition) to get what you want in a career. It can speak of job interviews. Page of cups often means the Seeker is at the beginning of a new learning curve in a career, and they might at times feel out of depth with demands until they find their feet. 

Page of cups as feelings

Page of cups speaks of feeling a bit shy and at the same time, in a very romantic mood. The Seeker could be daydreaming a lot about love and romance. This card speaks of the Seeker feeling very soulful. They could be falling in love with a person, an idea or with life in general.

Page of Cups as Personality types

Page of cups as a person is someone sensitive and intuitive. They are very sweet, gentle, warm, and loving. Page of cups people do their best to avoid pain and conflict. They are youthful and playful, and they have plenty of hobbies and interests. This is someone who needs to feel special to someone, and they need to be listened to. Page of cups people tend to be very emotional.

Page of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Page of Cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who is hard to motivate.  They have problems with trust. They need more love than they are able to give. Page of cups tarot card sometimes shows up reversed when the Seeker feels low emotionally. Rather than showing ones talent, Page of cups reversed speaks of hiding ones talents. They don’t want anyone to know what they are capable of.

Page of Cups reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Page of cups reversed can be indicate someone who needs a lot of love to feel secure within themselves. They often believe no one cares about them or they fail to recognise those who do. This card reversed can speak of someone who doesn’t recognise their own beauty and uniqueness. They hide their light often due to fear. They are afraid of attracting negative experiences. 

Page of cups tarot card meanings

Page of cups tarot card denotes talents are coming to the surface, especially performing and artistic abilities. All kinds of creative pursuits are indicated in this card. This card speaks of the soul of the Seeker directing the life plan. Page of cups also shows up in your reading when you put yourself out there for the world to see so that you can achieve your creative ambitions. 

Page of Cups Tarot Combinations.

Some important tarot combinations seen in Page of cups. Note that Page of cups often speaks of an important child in your life. Other card combination possibilities are listed below.

Page of cups + The Fool: A new romance.

Page of cups + The High Priestess: Finding your life purpose through an unexpected teacher.

Page of cups + Three of swords: Healing a relationship.

Page of cups + Five of swords: A toxic environment. The seeker must think about their safety.

Page of cups + Six of swords: Studying online.

Page of cups + Ace of pentacles: A new job.

Page of cups + Three of pentacles: Colleagues being your friends. Friendship at work.

Page of cups + Nine of pentacles: Turning a situation around. Reaching emotional balance and maturity.

Page of cups + King of pentacles: A mentor. Being mentored.

Page of cups + Two of wands: This is a place where the seeker will find their intellectual equals. Debating.

Page of cups + Three of wands: A creative business that is expanding. Careers in writing.

Page of cups + Seven of wands: Moving slowly in a relationship. If you are asking about work: Getting a career break.

Page of cups + King of wands: Two very different personalities learning to compromise. Focus on what you agree on.

Page of cups + Ace of cups: A muse. Artistic inspiration.

Page of cups + Four of cups: Feeling emotionally flat. Feeling let down. Wanting more romance.

Page of cups + Queen of cups: Renewal of an important friendship.

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