Learn the Meaning of Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana cards show up when things are happening that pull us towards a certain destiny or path. Many Major Arcana cards in a reading is often a sign that our Spirit Guides and Angels are working behind the scenes to set everything up for us so that we can live the lives we are destined to live.

Upright card meaning

fool tarot card meaningFool represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginners luck, improvising, believing that the Universe provides, having no strings attached, being carefree.

magician tarot card meaningMagician represents your ability to communicate clearly, to ‘sell’ yourself and to be innovative. The Magician has all the tools and resources available to manifest his desired outcome, so it is a good card to get if you want to create.

high priestess tarot card meaningHigh Priestess represents secrets, mystery, intuition, wisdom, making the impossible become possible, and magic.

empress tarot card meaningEmpress represents feminine power, a nurturer and a family oriented person, our mother or a mother figure, abundance, femininity, fertility and the love of the home and family.

emperor tarot card meaningEmperor represents masculine energy, the ruler, the head of the household, head of a company, organisation, and communities. The Emperor is an authority figure that creates a solid foundation to build and create on.

hierophant tarot card meaningHierophant represents group consciousness, religion, your belief system, ceremony, traditions, kindness, charity, giving guidance in the form of spiritual counseling.

lovers tarot card meaningLovers represent love and relationship, soul mates, physical attractions, choices to be made, The Lovers represents doing the things that make us feel whole, being with the people who make us feel whole.

chariot tarot card meaningChariot represents your willpower and determination. It represents victory. The Chariot gives you the green light to charge ahead and take control of your life or an area of your life that needs your attention.

strength tarot card meaningStrength represents our courage, passions, strength, self-confidence, patience, and compassion. Strength reminds us to follow our passions, to take the time to do the things that make us tick, that makes us strong within ourselves and which builds confidence and self-worth.

hermit tarot card meaningHermit represents spending time alone, being a lone wolf, soul-searching, seeking spiritual guidance, introspection.

wheel of fortune tarot card meaningWheel of Fortune is the Big destiny card in the tarot deck. What is meant to be is meant to be. In the tarot when the Wheel of Fortune turns up, it means that the events and people in your life are in your life due to it being pre-decided by destiny.

justice tarot card meaningJustice represents all kinds of legal matters, the spiritual laws of truth and cause and effect. When the Justice card shows up it reminds us to be lawful and fair to achieve the best result.

hanged man tarot card meaningHanged Man represents being temporarily suspended. Life is on hold, but it serves a purpose.

death tarot card meaningDeath represents transformation, endings and new beginnings. When the Death card shows up it tells you that things will not be the same again. A transformation is taking place, you are growing and changing with the circumstances you find yourself in.

temperance tarot card meaningTemperance represents a balanced interaction between the elements to create something new and fresh. Temperance includes all the elements in such a way that it brings out the best of each substance. When the Temperance card shows up in your life there is great balance and strength between the different areas and people in your life that are working together.

devil tarot card meaningDevil represents the primal source of behaviour that shows itself in the form of our desires and earthly needs. It also represents our fears that causes addiction and compulsive behaviour.

tower tarot card meaningTower represents disaster, emotional ‘meltdowns’ and/or tantrums, anger issues, upheaval, sudden change that is caused by disruption and revelations that rock the foundation of the person, household, organisation or even country, depending on the nature of the question.

start tarot card meaningStar represents hope, a bright future, joy, optimism, guidance, having answers to your questions, being and feeling the connection to the divine, serenity and inspiration. The Star shines so brightly that when it shows up in a reading it tells you that you are being the light in someone’s life.

moon tarot card meaningMoon represents illusions, intuition, fantasies, fears and anxiety. When the Moon appears things might not be quite as they seem. Your insecurities might be running high or you find yourself on the receiving end of other people’s insecurities.

sun tarot card meaningSun represents success, joy, sunshine, day, warmth and happiness. The Sun shows up when life is sunny and you are enjoying your time with the people you love. Life is simple rather than complicated. Relationships are blossoming and you are feeling loved.

judgement tarot card meaningJudgement represents taking responsibility for your actions and your life, being a good judge of character, seeing the truth and knowing what you want. The Judgement card often shows up when you need to step up and be a leader, speaking the truth and being more assertive.

world tarot card meaningWorld is the final Major Arcana card and represents fulfilment and successful completion of a cycle. You know your place in the world, and your life lessons have made you smart and accomplished. The World shows up when the world is ready for you and want what you have to offer.

Reversed card meaning

fool reversedFool reversed indicates new beginnings being blocked, the path is hidden and the querent is having difficulties seeing the world with fresh eyes.

magicianMagician reversed indicates empty promises, false possibilities, a con man, misunderstandings and a lack of substance to make possibilities become a reality.

high priestess reversedHigh Priestess reversed indicates blocked psychic abilities, and little to no awareness of the subconscious influence on our reality. Secrets are kept, answers are not found and instincts are wrong.

empress tarot card meanings reversedEmpress reversed indicates neglect and a lack of attention where there should be nurturing. She can represent a mother who gives little affection and hardly any protection to her child. The child can also symbolise a project, a relationship, an enterprise, the home and a business that need attention but are instead being left unattended.

emperor tarot card meanings reversedEmperor reversed denotes someone with a childish streak, who is also inconsistent and unpredictable. If this card represents the querent then something is blocking the energy that gives the person authority.

hierophant reversed tarot card meaningHierophant reversed denotes prudence, silliness and hypocrisy. There are rules but no knowledge of why these rules are of importance. The ego is without guidance. There is an inflexibility in the system and in the people of the system. It can be an institution who control information and the leaders make themselves rich while the poor remains poor.

lovers reversed tarot card meaningsLovers reversed indicates a breakup between partners, families and friends. Whatever it is, the people who split up are not creating the same magic and chemistry on their own and become less whole. Lovers reversed can also indicate a wrong choice being made.

chariot reversed tarot card meaningsChariot reversed indicates defeat and cowardice. Instead of charging ahead and taking control of the inner and outer forces, there is the feeling of giving up before you give it a go. ‘What is the use’ is the energy in Chariot reversed.

strength reversed tarot card meaningsStrength reversed denotes a lack of courage, lack of passion, fear, even timidity and impatience. Weak will and lack of backbone are indicated when this card shows up reversed. The lion remains untamed, often due to a fear of standing out due to peer pressure.

hermit reversed tarot card meaningsHermit reversed indicates isolation and paranoia. There is no insight rather there is a twisted and vicious side to the person. This also denotes someone who is very lonely and is ‘loosing’ their grip on reality due to the amount of time they spend by themselves.

wheel of fortune reversed tarot card meaningsWheel of fortune reversed indicates bad luck and misfortune. Instead of hitting the top of the wheel and moving forward, you are hitting the bottom, often stagnating. The wheel might not be turning at all and much-needed change is eluding you.

justice reversed tarot card meaningsJustice reversed denotes injustice, unfairness, imbalance. You are either getting too much or too little of what you need. Something might be preventing the energy of fairness and balance from succeeding.

hanged man reversed tarot card meaningsHanged Man reversed indicates stubbornness and selfishness, refusing to give up your perspective to gain new insight. This card reversed denotes someone who is feeling apart from the world and unable to communicate their point of view and their perspective to others.

death reversed tarot card meaningsDeath reversed indicates that something that should have come to a blessed end for some reason persists. ‘Not death’ is not a desired thing as it is not living either. For some reason, the person is holding on. Blocked grief is often a factor.

temperance reversed tarot card meaningsTemperance reversed indicates that the balance between two opposing elements to create a third goes terribly wrong. This card often shows up when two different people who could bring out the best in each other instead bring out the worst.

devil reversed tarot card meaningDevil reversed indicate temptations resisted, stricter moral kept and they escape the chains from the devil. The querent might be too restricted in their life, and they have little or no desires that drive them.

tower reversed tarot card meaningsTower reversed denotes secrets and lies that would have brought down the false structures remain hidden and there is no shake-up. There is no destruction and the Tower remains standing.

star reversed tarot card meaningsStar reversed indicates that any hope or promise offered is going to be false. There is leading astray rather than finding one’s way. There is a feeling of being lost with no way out.

moon reversed tarot card meaningsMoon reversed indicates primitive forces at play, a long dark night of the soul. Intuition and creativity are blocked, a sexual block is also possible.

sun reversed tarot card meaningsSun reversed indicates new beginnings, success and happiness being blocked. Success is blocked due to reaching the wrong conclusions and having bad reasoning and poor logic. Things are frustrating and unclear. There might be some problems with pregnancy or raising young children.

judgement reversed tarot card meaningsJudgement reversed indicates taken on burdens, digging oneself deeper into the old life, being haunted by the past and unable to let go. There is something blocking the querent from renewing themselves.

world reversed tarot card meaningsWorld reversed indicates staying at home secluded within the comfort zones, projects and ventures remain incomplete. The querent is unable to finish what they started.

What do the Major Arcana Tarot cards tell us in a reading?

Major arcana cards indicate that the seeker is in the flow when it comes to where their lives are heading. This flow can be so strong that the seeker feels as if they have little control. The more Major arcana cards in a reading and the stronger the flow. I find that when many Major arcana cards show up in a reading the seeker’s spirit guides and angels are working hard behind the scenes to take the seeker to where they need to be to accomplish something. The Major arcana cards are stepping-stones to help the Seeker accomplish what they set out to accomplish in this lifetime.

Major Arcana Tarot card connections

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