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Moon tarot card meanings

Moon: Creativity

Moon Tarot Card Meanings
and Keywords:

The Moon tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Moon tarot card can mean:


Imagination running high.

Strong and vivid dreams.

Intuition pushing forward.

Unknown territory.

Fear and phobia. 

Uncertain reality.


Following your instincts.

Wanting to hide from the world.


Treasures disguised as monsters.



Imagination blocked.


Symbolism in Moon tarot card

The Moon represents cycles, patterns and emotions. The Moon is rising between two towers, the same two towers seen in the distance on the Death card. The towers in the Death card were on the other side of the water. Now the towers are on the same side symbolising that we now have crossed over and found ourselves in unknown territory. The Moon symbolises a time for rest and preparation while we wait for the Sun to rise again. The two towers also represent our left and right hemisphere of our brain. The path leads in the middle of the towers symbolising the balance between our intuitive and logical brain. The Moon is engulfed by a giant sun, reminding us that the Moon is the reflection of the Sun upon it. This symbolises our reality being out of reach as we only experience its echo. The Moon’s light is dim and it’s hard to see clearly. The lobster symbolises the influence the Moon has on our emotions, especially our primal needs. The water symbolises our subconscious. The dog and the wolf represent our tamed and wild nature, the polarity of our mind. The face on the moon is reflecting displeasure. The path twists and turns symbolising our instinct guiding us, rather than the straight forward thinking of our intellect. The Moon is ruled by Pisces.

Moon tarot card and Astrology

The Moon is ruled by Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Here we find all things in life that we most want to avoid, so we push them deeper into the depths of the subconscious in the hope that we can avoid them entirely. Neptune is the planet for mystery and illusions. It is understood to determine mankind’s destiny and increase conscious awareness. It urges us to practice compassion towards others and to deal with our fears that stop us from being kind towards ourselves and others. Neptune symbolises everything that is soft, sensitive and imaginative. It prompts from escapism from realities of life. On a positive note, it is highly creative. Industries such as film, television, fashion and theatre are all under Neptune’s influence. If poorly aspected it denotes hiding from the world, and exaggerated, confused state of being. hypersensitivity and paranoia are the negative sides of Neptune’s influence.

Moon tarot card meanings upright

Moon in a general reading

The Moon tarot card represents illusions, intuition, fantasies, fears and anxiety. When the Moon tarot card appears things might not be quite as they seem. Your insecurities might be running high or you find yourself on the receiving end of other people’s insecurities. The Moon also shows up when dreams and intuitive messages are very strong, some might feel they are slipping into mental confusion and find it harder to concentrate. The Moon comes with great gifts of creativity and imagination, and you might be drawn to mystery and even dark adventures. The Moon tarot card is here to remind us that our reality is ruled by our beliefs.  When we get in touch with ourselves we get in touch with our creativity.

Hint to the reader: The Moon often shows up in a reading when there are a lot of creative energies storing up inside the seeker. This energy must come out in a constructive way. Ask the seeker what they would learn if learning was only to benefit their soul, not to get them a job or a pay rise. There is a desire inside the seeker to be creative, but it has nothing to do with the practicality of life. It has to do with nurturing the soul.

Moon in a love reading

In a love reading, the Moon tarot card denotes being in love with love and being in relationships as a way to mend a previously broken heart. If the Seeker is single, the Moon can denote secret love or even a dangerous romance.

Moon in a career reading 

In a career reading, the Moon tarot card signifies working at night time. The Moon can also denote a detective. If you are a creative person, the Moon speaks of writing jobs and career in the arts. Sometimes the Moon also means you can achive passive income.

The Moon as feelings

The Moon speaks of feelings of confusion and the Seeker could be feeling in the dark about changes in their life. There is a new way of looking at things that will bring the Seeker clarity. The Moon speaks of love that is clouded by fear or fear disguised as love. Either way, the Seeker is unsure how they are feeling. They could be under someone’s manipulation. A belief system might not be working for the Seeker and they need to take a fresh look at how they perceive reality.

If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, Moon denotes this person is confused and unsure. They could be feeling moody and internalise their feelings, only wanting to deal with the practical aspects of life. This person wants to know where they stand and what is going on before they can let their guards down.

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Personality types in Moon tarot card

Moon tarot card denotes someone who is mysterious, receptive and intuitive. They are very empathetic and tend to absorb their environment like a sponge, getting lost in those around them. Many exhibit amazing artistic abilities and psychic gifts. Moon people need to face their fears so they can grow stronger and more confident. They don’t always tell you the truth as they fear others reactions. There has often been a lot of manipulation and game playing in this person’s life which keeps them on their toe. Moon people are also great manipulators and liars if need to be. They have problems with trust.

Moon tarot card meanings

Moon: Creativity

Moon tarot card meanings reversed

Moon tarot card reversed indicates primitive forces at play and a dark night of the soul. Intuition and creativity are blocked, a sexual block is also possible. There is a need to lock out the wilderness. Total chaos is held at bay by measures such as medication, institutions, prisons, locks and fences. Crime is prevented, but not stopped. The Moon often shows up reversed when there are madness and riots, turmoil and addiction. Primitive forces are in power and anarchy rules. For artists, this card shows up when they are no longer in their creative flow and are unable to focus and channel their energies effectively.

Personality types in reversed Moon tarot card

The Moon tarot card reversed denotes someone who is lost in some kind of madness, often due to not allowing their creative abilities to surface. There might be pressure to conform which is the last thing a Moon person can handle. They are individuals who follow their instincts, rather than rules and guidelines. This is someone in the midst of a faith crisis, especially if they repress their psychic abilities. They lose themselves in a web of lies and hidden agendas, and must embrace their own inner light to be balanced.

Hint to the reader: When the Moon shows up reversed the seeker has often neglected their ability to wonder and to tap into their imagination. The seeker has a sharp intellect which they are ruled under. They think they already know everything and end up with limited life experiences. There is no adventure, no magic. 

Moon Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Moon:

The Moon + The Magician: Creative industries. A mystery.

The Moon + The High Priestess: A muse. 

The Moon + The Chariot: A boat. Creative journey. Astral travel.

The Moon + Judgement: A creative calling. Working in tv, film, radio, fashion. A writer. 

The Moon + The World: Social anxiety. Dreaming about success. 

The Moon + Three of cups: Creative friends. Art Exhibitions. 

The Moon + Seven of cups: Digital art. 

The Moon + Page of cups: An audition. A job interview. 

The Moon + Knight of cups: A bachelor. A salesman. 

The Moon + Queen of cups: A writer. Writing talents. Interior designs. 

The Moon + King of cups: A designer. Movie director. 

The Moon + Ace of swords: Conspiracy theory. 

The Moon + Three of swords: Painful relationship. 

The Moon + Five of swords: Harassment. 

The Moon + Page of swords: A spy. Spying on others. 

The Moon + King of swords: Mental health specialist. 

The Moon + Ace of wands: A creative idea. The writer’s pen.

The Moon + Five of wands: Drawings. 

The Moon + Seven of wands: Teaching arts. 

The Moon + King of wands: Acting. 

The Moon + Ace of pentacles: Selling art. Feeling fragile. 

The Moon + Five of pentacles: Suffering for your art. Feeling bad about yourself. 

The Moon + Six of pentacles: Acting talent. A documentary. A script. 

The Moon + Nine of pentacles: A creative garden. A creative holiday. An artistic and confident person. 

Moon tarot card meanings summary

The Moon tarot card shows up to remind us that our reality is ruled by our beliefs. Each and one of us can change their reality by changing their thoughts. When we do this we get clarity. When we get clarity we become more creative. Our souls long to be expressed in artistic ways; such as through paintings, drawings and writings. The Moon encourages us to explore our artistic souls through our physical experience on Earth. The Moon pushes our imaginations to run free, so when this card shows up in your reading things may not be as they appear.  

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