Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings

hanged man tarot card meaning

Hanged Man Tarot
Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Hanged Man tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Hanged Man tarot card can mean:


Seeing life from a new perspective.

Letting go of your position to get peace.

Pausing to reflect.


Learning from mistakes.




Inability to change.

Missing an opportunity.

Hanged Man tarot card and Astrology

The Hanged Man is ruled by Neptune and connected to the water element.  Neptune is the dream world and accessing the subconscious through dreams. Neptune also rules the sea and is connected to the water element. Psychologically, Neptune makes us want to enter into a heavenly, blissful state.

Learn more about Neptune in Astrology on Cafe Astrology Website here. 

The Hanged Man is Odin hanging on Yggdrasil

Odin is a major inspiration behind my IMTarot deck. Odin’s hanging on Yggdrasil, the World Tree (the mind) is a powerful symbol that resonates with the imagery of the Hanged Man tarot card. I have written extensively about Odin in this article here. 

The story about Odin is also a story about salvation. You can read about Norse Salvation here. 

Pinocchio Is the same story as Odin hanging on Yggdrasil

Pinocchio hanging on Yggdrasil

I have proven that Odin’s true meaning is the Pineal Gland and the Union with Source energy. Pinocchio is the same story as when Odin hung on Yggdrasil and became one with Source. Pinocchio’s name means Pineal Nut. He is not awaken in the beginning of the story. He is a wooden figure. He gets himself into quite a lot of trouble and ends up bound up to an Oak tree. He is rescued by the blue fairy. Odin hangs on Yggdrasil and is ‘rescued’ by the Norns at the well of wisdom. The blue fairy tries to teach Pinocchio to be conscientious (gain wisdom). Pinocchio tries his best. He works hard at school and he even works in the theatre. But in the end he turns into a donkey. The less flattering form is a symbolism also seen in the Beauty and the Beast which essentially is the Strength card. You can read all about it here. When his employer at the theatre sees he is a donkey, Pinocchio gets discarded into the Ocean. This is similar to when Odin receives the water in the well (Source). When Pinocchio is in the Ocean (Source) he is eaten by a whale. Inside the whale, he sees Papa who has been searching for him. Pinocchio finally realises how much he loves Papa. He finds his courages and manages to escape the whale with Papa. He swims them both to shore in a heroic act of pure love. This act is so pure that the blue fairy turns him into a real boy. Similarly, Odin receives the Runes (divine secrets) from the Norns and he becomes a magical being. In beauty and the beast, Belle finds her heart, the beast transforms and they are on the infinite timeline. These old stories are connected to the Vision Quest and speaks about our true connection to Source. The Hanged Man speaks of when we become so still that we experience this Divine Union.

Watch the video of Pinocchio becoming a real boy from the original comic book strip here (Youtube link). 

Hanged Man tarot card meanings upright

Hanged Man tarot card meanings in a general reading

The Hanged Man tarot card represents being temporarily suspended. Life is on hold, but it serves a purpose. While you are being suspended you gain a whole new perspective, and this perspective is necessary for you to gain the insight and enlightenment necessary to take you to your next level. Hanged Man tells you to reflect upon what is truly important to you. This is the card for meditation.

Hanged Man tarot card in a love reading 

In a love reading, The Hanged Man says you must now invest in yourself as an individual. This card can speak of a relationship that teaches you about who you are on a deeper level. It also teaches you about life from a different perspective. If the Seeker is single, The Hanged Man signifies manifesting love by learning to love life as single. The Hanged Man achieves through appreciation.

Hanged Man tarot card in a career reading

In a career reading, The Hanged Man tarot card signifies careers in film/writing, psychology, and innovation. Hanged Man can also speak of wanting more job satisfaction, but it is not yet time to make any big changes. This card can mean meditation will give you clarity in career.

Hanged Man tarot card as feelings

Hanged man speaks of feeling inspired and ‘lit up’ in a way that is hard for the Seeker to explain to others. The Seeker is often misunderstood and also excluded at times, however, the Seeker feels enthusiastic about what they already have. The Seeker knows that they are only experiencing a temporary pause, and they patiently wait for their time to come. They love deeply, but they are not yet ready to act on their feelings. Instead they are observing everything carefully.

Hanged Man tarot card as Personality types

Hanged Man as personality types speaks of someone who is sacrificing parts of themselves to create a higher good. Their ideas are often unconventional and they both feel different and are different from the rest of us. The Hanged Man is viewing the world from a different perspective. This is someone who could spend a lot of time in meditation.

Hanged Man tarot card meanings reversed

Hanged Man tarot card reversed indicates stubbornness and selfishness, refusing to give up their perspective to gain new insight. As a consequence, the Seeker is unable to accomplish what they wanted. The Seeker could find it difficult to still their mind and meditate.

Hanged Man tarot card reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Hanged Man reversed denotes a person lost in their own ideas and beliefs. They might even sacrifice themselves for a cause that is false. This card reversed can speak of someone who has a hard time relaxing their mind.

Hanged Man tarot card meanings summary

The Hanged Man tarot card means doing less achieves more. The more you let go, the more things will start to flow. This card is connected to meditation and stilling the mind.

Hanged Man tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Hanged Man:

The Hanged Man(XII) + The Moon: A creative genius.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Ace of pentacles: Trying something new career-wise. Scientist.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Three of pentacles: Back to the drawing table.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Five of pentacles: A student. Low income.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Page of pentacles: Going back to school.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Three of cups: A long engagement.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Six of cups: Reluctant to grow up. Teenagers.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Knight of cups: A poet. Escaping reality.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Ace of swords: A philosopher.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Two of swords: Procrastinating. Fear of change.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Four of swords: Observational skills. Being an observer. Noticing what others don’t.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Three of wands: Lack of perspective.

The Hanged Man(XII) + Four of wands: Being an outsider.

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