Man Lenormand

Lenormand card 28 man

Man Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-eighth card, man, is a male. It signifies you if you are a male.

Man Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Man in Rider position: A new man coming into your life. If male: Moving forward fast.

Man in Clover position: A lucky man. A gambler.

Man in Ship position: Overseas man.

Man in House position: Family man. A house owner/landlord.

Man in Tree position: A doctor. A health professional.

Man in Clouds position: A confused man.

Man in Snake position: A deceitful man.

Man in Coffin position: Endings for a man.

Man in Bouquet position: A happy man.

Man in Scythe position: A surgeon. A quick man.

Manin Whip position: An argumentative man. A competitive man.

Man in Birds position: Gay couple. Brothers. Two friends.

Man in Child position: Man with a child. Male child.

Man in Fox position: A working man. Skilful man.

Man in Bear position: Male boss. Powerful man.

Man in Star position: Man of your dreams.

Man in Stork position: Modern man.

Man in Dog position: Male friend. Man with a dog.

Man in Tower position: Politician. Public servant.

Man in Garden position: Famous man. Public man.

Man in Mountain position: Man with obstacles. Troubled man.

Man in Crossroad position: Divorced man.

Man in Mice position: Broke man. Stressed man. A thief.

Man in Heart position: Man in love. A man you love.

Man in Ring position: A married man.

Man in Book position: A male teacher. A male student. A secret man.

Man in Letter position: A mail man. A journalist. Mail from man.

Man in Man position: Male dominance. A man’s man.

Man in Woman position: The man in your life. If male: The woman in your life.

Man in Lily position: An older man. A retired man.

Man in Sun position: A successful man.

Man in Moon position: A creative man. A romantic man.

Man in Key position: An important man.

Man in Fish position: A business man.

Man in Anchor position: A stable man.

Man in Cross position: A priest. A religious man.