Play Video.

Stop the video. Note the card.

Play the video again.

Stop the video. Note the card.

Now read the two cards together (see list below).

Learn the Lenormand Card Meanings

The Lenormand consists of 36 cards. Click on the cards to see the card combination in the Grand Tableau (read more about the Grand Tableau at the bottom of this page)

lenormand card 1 the rider
1. Rider: News.
lenormand card two clover
2. Clover: Luck.
Lenormand card 3 ship
3. Ship: Travel overseas.
Lenormand card 4 house
4. House: Home. Family.
Lenormand card 5 tree
5. Tree: Your Health.
lenormand card 6 clouds
6. clouds: Confusion.
Lenormand card 7 snake
7. Snake: Deception.
Lenormand card 8 Coffin
8. Coffin: Endings.
Lenormand card 9 bouquet
9. Bouquet: Happiness.
Lenormand card 10 skythe
10. Scythe: Surgery.
Lenormand card 11 whip
11. Whip: Arguments.
Lenormand card 12 birds
12. Birds: A couple.
Lenormand card 13 child
13. Child: New beginnings.
Lenormand card 14 fox
14. Fox: Your Job.
Lenormand card 15 bear
15. Bear: Mother, Boss
Lenormand card 16 stars
16. Stars: Dreams.
Lenormand card 17 stork
17. Stork: relocation

Lenormand card 18 dog
18. Dog: Friend, loyalty.

Lenormand card 19 tower
19. Tower: Authority, power
Lenormand card 20 garden
20. Garden: Social life.
Lenormand card 21 mountain
21. Mountain: Obstacles.
Lenormand card 22 crossroad
22. Crossroad: Choices.
lenormand card 23 mice
23. Mice: Problems.
Lenormand card 24 heart
24. Heart: Love.
lenormand card 25 ring
25. Ring: Relationship.
Lenormand card 26 book
26. Book: Education.
Lenormand card 27 letter
27. Letter: Messages.
Lenormand card 28 man
28. Man: You if male.
Lenormand card 29 woman
29. Woman: You if female.
Lenormand card 30 lily
30. Lily: Retirement.
lenormand card 31 sun
31. Sun: Success.
lenormand card 32 moon
32. Moon: Romance.
lenormand card 33 key
33. Key: Importance.
Lenormand card 34 fish
34. Fish: Business, money
lenormand card 35 anchor
35. Anchor: Stability
Lenormand card 36 cross
36. Cross: Worry


What is Lenormand

The Lenormand card deck is named after Marie Anne Lenormand who interestingly never used this deck. After her death her name appeared on many decks, including the 36 card deck we see today. The 36 lenormand cards were published in 1799 as part of a bigger production called the game of hope by Johann Kaspar Hechtel. The Lenormand is often referred to as the illustrated Petit Lenormand card deck.

How to read with Lenormand cards

Reading with the Lenormand cards are different from reading with the Tarot cards in that the Lenormand is a method of reading the card combination rather than looking at individual cards in a spread, the latter being the Tarot approach. It is easier to read with many cards together in Lenormand and look at the card combinations they create.

The Petit Lenormand House system

The rumour has it that this is how Ms. Lenormand read her cards, not using the Petit Lenormand, but with ordinary playing cards (the ace, the king, the queen, the jack, the ten, the nine, the eight, the seven and the two of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs). The cards are laid out in a 9 x 4 fashion called houses. The houses are similar to the 12 houses in the Zodiac tarot spread. Each position has a meaning and the card that falls on a certain house gives it it’s interpretation. For example heart in coffin position can mean end of a relationship. The stork in the house position can mean a relocation. This method is called the Grand Tableau. If a card falls in it’s own house it means the energy is intensified. For example whip in whip position can mean the arguments will be many and retribution harsh (unless you change course of action).

petit lenormand house system