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Lenormand card 29 woman


Woman Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-ninth Lenormand card, woman, is female. If you are female, woman signifies you.

Woman Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Woman in Rider position: A new woman coming into your life. If female: Moving forward fast.

Woman in Clover position: Lucky woman.

Woman in Ship position: Overseas woman.

Woman in House position: Family oriented woman. Land lady.

Woman in Tree position: A female doctor. A female health professional.

Woman in Clouds position: A confused woman.

Woman in Snake position: A deceitful woman.

Woman in Coffin position: Endings for a woman.

Woman in Bouquet position: A happy woman.

Woman in Scythe position: Female surgeon. Female needing surgery. Decisive woman.

Woman in Whip position: Argumentative woman.

Woman in Birds position: Two friends. Gay couple. Sisters.

Woman in Child position: A woman with a child. Female child.

Woman in Fox position: Career woman.

Woman in Bear position: Female boss. Powerful woman.

Woman in Star position: Famous woman. Woman of your dreams.

Woman in Stork position: Pregnant woman.

Woman in Dog position: Female friend. Woman with a dog. Animal lover.

Woman in Tower position: Politician. Government worker.

Woman in Garden position: Public woman. Sociable woman.

Woman in Mountain position: Woman with obstacles.

Woman in Crossroad position: Separated or divorced woman. Woman with many choices.

Woman in Mice position: Stressed woman.

Woman in Heart position: Woman in love. Lovable woman.

Woman in Ring position: Married woman.

Woman in Book position: Teacher, student, secret woman.

Woman in Letter position: Journalist, writer. Message from woman or about a woman. Woman receiving mail.

Woman in Man position: A couple.

Woman in Woman position: A lady. A feminine woman.

Woman in Lily position: A retired woman. An older woman.

Woman in Sun position: A successful woman.

Woman in Moon position: A creative woman. A romantic woman.

Woman in Key position: An important woman.

Woman in Fish position: A business woman.

Woman in Anchor position: A stable woman.

Woman in Cross position: A religious woman. A woman with worries.