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Lenormand card 26 book


Book Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-sixth Lenormand card, book, is education. Book also signifies secrets.

Book Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Book in Rider position: Educational news. News that reveals a secret.

Book in Clover position: Unexpected luck. Lucky studies.

Book in Ship position: Studying overseas.

Book in House position: A library. A university.

Book in Tree position: Medical study. Secret health issue.

Book in Clouds position: Confusing study. A secret creates confusion.

Book in Snake position: Being purposely mislead.

Book in Coffin position: End of study.

Book in Bouquet position: Happy studies.

Book in Scythe position: Study to be a surgeon. Secrets coming out.

Book in Whip position: Competitive studies.

Book in Birds position: Group study.

Book in Child position: A studious child. New study.

Book in Fox position: Teacher, librarian, Studying while working.

Book in Bear position: Studying finances. A powerful study.

Book in Star position: Studying to make a dream come true.

Book in Stork position: Change of study.

Book in Dog position: A vet. Studying animals. Studying with a friend.

Book in Tower position: University. Government studies. Political studies.

Book in Garden position: Studying horticulture. A book event.

Book in Mountain position: Studies delayed.

Book in Crossroad position: Choosing what to study.

Book in Mice position: Stressful studies.

Book in Heart position: Secret love.

Book in Ring position: Studying a contract. A secret relationship.

Book in Book position: Much study.

Book in Letter position: Correspondence study.

Book in Man position: Educated man.

Book in Woman position: Educated woman.

Book in Lily position: A long study. Being an expert. Old teacher.

Book in Sun position: Successful study.

Book in Moon position: A creative study.

Book in Key position: Important book.

Book in Fish position: Business studies.

Book in Anchor position: Long study.

Book in Cross position: Religious studies.