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Lenormand card 19 tower


Tower Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the nineteenth Lenormand card, tower, is an authority. Tower also signifies power and government.

Tower Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Tower in Rider position: The postal service, post office, government news.

Tower in Clover position: A casino.

Tower in Ship position: Airport, An embassy, A cruise ship.

Tower in House position: A powerhouse. An apartment block.

Tower in Tree position: A hospital.

Tower in Clouds position: Secret service. Politics.

Tower in Snake position: A lawyer. A politician.

Tower in Coffin position: A funeral home. A cemetery.

Tower in Bouquet position: A graduation. Government brings happiness.

Tower in Scythe position: Government makes cuts. A surgery.

Tower in Whip position: The military. A prison.

Tower in Birds position: Parliament. A monarchy.

Tower in Child position: An orphanage. A school.

Tower in Fox position: A government job.

Tower in Bear position: A cornerstone business. A bank.

Tower in Star position: A prestigious institution. A school for talented people.

Tower in Stork position: A government change.

Tower in Dog position: A powerful friend. A vet surgery. A zoo.

Tower in Tower position: Government control.

Tower in Garden position: A public event. A public building.

Tower in Mountain position: Isolation.

Tower in Crossroad position: Government creating more options.

Tower in Mice position: Corruption.

Tower in Heart position: Powerful love. Love with an authority.

Tower in Ring position: A government contract.

Tower in Book position: A university. A library.

Tower in Letter position: An official notice.

Tower in Man position: A government representative. A policeman.

Tower in Woman position: A government representative. A policewoman.

Tower in Lily position: A retirement village. A nursing home.

Tower in Sun position: Powerful achievements.

Tower in Moon position: An art gallery.

Tower in Key position: Powerful connections.

Tower in Fish position: A bank. A business centre.

Tower in Anchor position: Long-term government. Stability.

Tower in Cross position: Government brings worry.