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Lenormand card 22 crossroad


Crossroad Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-second Lenormand card, crossroad, is choices.

Crossroad Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Crossroad in Rider position: News about new directions.

Crossroad in Clover position: Making the right decision.

Crossroad in Ship position: Choosing where to travel.

Crossroad in House position: Choosing where to live.

Crossroad in Tree position: Decisions about your health.

Crossroad in Clouds position: Unable to see your options.

Crossroad in Snake position: Being manipulated to make a decision.

Crossroad in Coffin position: End of options. Deciding to end something.

Crossroad in Bouquet position: A happy decision. A happy path.

Crossroad in Scythe position: Deciding about surgery.

Crossroad in Whip position: Fighting to have more options.

Crossroad in Birds position: A couple making a decision. A group decision.

Crossroad in Child position: Twins. Decisions about new beginnings. A child with divorced parents.

Crossroad in Fox position: Decisions about work. Choosing between two jobs.

Crossroad in Bear position: Decisions about money.

Crossroad in Star position: Decisions about following your dreams.

Crossroad in Stork position: Decisions brings change. Moving forward.

Crossroad in Dog position: Decisions about a friend/pet.

Crossroad in Tower position: Political election.

Crossroad in Garden position: Decisions about public events.

Crossroad in Mountain position: Decisions being delayed.

Crossroad in Crossroad position: Many decisions.

Crossroad in Mice position: Options being taken away.

Crossroad in Heart position: Deciding about love. Many love options.

Crossroad in Ring position: Options about a contract. Deciding if getting married.

Crossroad in Book position: Deciding what to study.

Crossroad in Letter position: Options online.

Crossroad in Man position: A man with many options.

Crossroad in Woman position: A woman with many options.

Crossroad in Lily position: Deciding about retirement.

Crossroad in Sun position: Decisions brings success.

Crossroad in Moon position: A creative decisions.

Crossroad in Key position: An important decisions.

Crossroad in Fish position: Business decisions.

Crossroad in Anchor position: Long-term decisions. Decisions about security.

Crossroad in Cross position: Decisions bring a sacrifice.