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Lenormand card 17 stork


Stork Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the seventeenth Lenormand card, Stork, is relocation. Stork also signifies a baby or change.

Stork Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Stork in Rider position: Change of plans. Change in direction.

Stork in Clover position: Lucky relocation. Fortunate change.

Stork in Ship position: Relocation overseas.

Stork in House position: Moving house.

Stork in Tree position: Pregnancy.

Stork in Clouds position: Confusing change.

Stork in Snake position: Change brings deception. Relocation to a dangerous area.

Stork in Coffin position: Changes end.

Stork in Bouquet position: Changes brings happiness.

Stork in Scythe position: Change due to surgery. Sudden change.

Stork in Whip position: Change causes arguments.

Stork in Birds position: Changes with a couple or group of people. Talking about change.

Stork in Child position: Changes for a child. Having a baby.

Stork in Fox position: Relocation with work. Changes with work.

Stork in Bear position: Change of boss. Becoming a mother.

Stork in Star position: Dreams coming true.

Stork in Stork position: Many relocations. Travelling/backpacking.

Stork in Dog position: Friend moving. Changes with a friend.

Stork in Tower position: Airport. Change of government.

Stork in Garden position: Relocation to a public/famous place.

Stork in Mountain position: Relocation delayed.

Stork in Crossroad position: Change of paths.

Stork in Mice position: Relocation creating stress. Change for the worse.

Stork in Heart position: Moving in with someone. Relocation due to love.

Stork in Ring position: Changes in a marriage/contract. Stork in Book position: News about a study.

Stork in Letter position: Change in communication.

Stork in Man position: Man relocating.

Stork in Woman position: Woman relocating.

Stork in Lily position: Relocating in retirement.

Stork in Sun position: Relocating to have success.

Stork in Moon position: Relocating due to romance.

Stork in Key position: A life changer.

Stork in Fish position: Change in business/finance.

Stork in Anchor position: Permanent relocation.

Stork in Cross position: Change that creates worry.