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Answer your Career path questions with the Tarot

Wondering what your next job will be and if it is what you want? Discover everything you need to know about tarot and occupation.

This video explain 23 card combinations for Career and Life Purpose

Click on the link Career and Life Purpose List to get the list.

Fool ~ Careers in power plants, technology or electricity. Careers in social media.

Magician ~ Careers in sales, in computers, phones, internet. Careers in communication.

High Priestess ~ Careers in conflict resolution. Librarian, psychic, nun, detective, historian, psychiatrist, endocrinologist.

Empress ~ Careers in beauty, fashion, and art. Work from home. Care industry.

Emperor ~ Careers in leadership, self-employment, government jobs. Head of organisations. Often Male oriented work.

Hierophant ~ Careers within long-standing traditions such as churches or organisation with strong beliefs, schools and institutions, bookkeeping.

Lovers ~ Careers involving having a partner and working in pairs. Careers in sales, publishing, advertising and communication between people. Careers in information gathering. Stimulating work.

Chariot ~ Careers in quality control, OHS, auditor, networking, software, transport.

Strength ~ Careers involving caring for animal, and/or people. Careers that involves public recognition. Dentist. Human resources.

Hermit ~ Careers in writing, proofreading, editing, assessment of data, telecommunication, computing, software, postal service, shipping, electronic gadgets, transport, teacher, healer.

Wheel of fortune ~ Careers in public speaking, pop-up shops and restaurant, start-up business, work in initial stages of enterprises, croupier, investor (long-term).

Justice ~ Careers in law and order, careers in health and fitness. Careers in financial institutions. Teaching, especially when it is paired up with the World.

Hanged Man ~ Careers in pharmaceuticals, innovations, creative writing, magicians, art and music. Careers in psychology.

Death ~ Careers in the Army. Taxman, career advisor, funeral director, financial advisor, insurance broker, drug abuse counselor. Careers involving other’s resources.

Temperance ~ Anthropologist, healer, angel intuitive, mediator, Humanitarian careers. Careers in the news, and long-distance travel.

Devil ~ Careers in computers and IT, Careers in negotiations, self-employment, careers in farming and mining. Business.

Tower ~ Military jobs, demolition work. Conflict resolution. Anger management. Competitive jobs. Careers that involve high emotional pressure.

Star ~ Careers in public service, Internet, music and film industry, the entertainment industry, technology.

Moon ~ Night staff, sex-worker, detective, illusionist, artist. Income through affiliated systems.

Sun ~ Careers in leadership, storytelling. Fun jobs. Outdoor jobs. Self-realisations. Working with people.

Judgement ~ Careers in hiring and recruiting. Creative jobs. Careers in Politics. Judge. Management.

World ~ Careers in government, land, and natural resources, rules and regulations. Overseas jobs. Teaching jobs, especially in far away countries.

Many Aces in a spread indicate new beginnings. You know what it is you want (ace of swords), you have a great new idea (ace of wands), a deep spiritual connection (ace of cups) or a business opportunity (ace of pentacles). 

Ace of wands: Professions using tools. Manual labor. Fireman. Biotechnology and forensic. Technology. Male dominated work. Farm work.

Ace of swords: Professions involving contracts and legal matters, bravery, and mental work. Army and police work. Male dominated work.

Ace of pentacles: Professions in business, health and well-being, property.

Ace of cups: Professions in the beauty industry, hospitality, creative and artistic jobs, spiritual work. Female-oriented work.

Many Twos in a spread indicate work in negotiations and diplomacy, caring for people. 

Two of wands: Leadership jobs, justice, and intellectual work. Professions involving planning and negotiations.

Two of swords: Professions involving legal affairs, conflict resolutions, Scientist.

Two of pentacles: Professions involving literary abilities and the use of one’s talent. Multi-tasking. gaming and gambling, entertainer, and performer, receptionist.

Two of cups: Professions in hospitality, wine taster, counselor, healer, carer, therapist.

Many Threes in a spread indicates work in communication, creative work, broadcasting

Three of wands: Freelancer, writer, artist or inventor, trade, and enterprises.

Three of swords: Cardiologist, Surgeon, butcher, FIFO worker, grief-counselor.

Three of pentacles: Skilled labour, architect, designer, construction manager, craftsmanship.

Three of cups: Hospitality, beauty industry, creative work, party planner, wedding planner, tourism, army, social work.

Many Fours in a spread indicate work in business, education, project managing and the arts,

Four of wands: Event planning, property investor, celebrant, designer, gardeners, florists.

Four of swords: Administration work, legal work, health care provider, tourism, acupuncturist, massage therapist.

Four of pentacles: Professions in the establishment of a commercial firm or business, accountant, investor, defence force.

Four of cups: Administration work and assistants, barista, waiter, carer, counselor, broadcaster.

Many Fives in a spread indicate work in transport, tourism, productions and police/detective work

Five of wands: competitive jobs, talent scout, agent, professional sports, physical jobs, dealing with red tape.

Five of swords: Army and police jobs, damage control, OH&S jobs, internal investigation jobs.

Five of pentacles: Charity work, health care jobs, social work.

Five of cups: Bar work, hospitality work, counselling work, work that isolates you.

Many Sixes in a spread indicate work in management, self-employment and in the entertainment industry. 

Six of wands: Community building, working on a successful project, work that gets recognition, mediation.

Six of swords: Science, flight and travel job, problem-solving jobs, work on board ships.

Six of pentacles: Actor and entertainer jobs, lecturing, charity work, mortgage broker.

Six of cups: Historian, investigator, working with children, working from home or in someone’s home.

Many Sevens in a spread indicate work in law enforcement, computers, sports, and recreation. 

Seven of wands: The teacher card, lecturing, and writing, management, politician, defensive jobs.

Seven of swords: Transport (by land), spying, secret service jobs, mental work, army work.

Seven of pentacles: Procrastinating at work, unpaid work, farming, gardening. Working outside. Studying.

Seven of cups: ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’, handy man, career counselor, advertising, internet jobs.

Many Eights in a spread indicate you can do very well in all different areas, especially in business. 

Eight of wands: Marketing, news, communication, aviation work, tourism, receptionist.

Eight of swords: Prison guard, speech pathologist, special needs aid, and therapist.

Eight of pentacles: Training and learning, apprentice, commission work, recently discovered skill and passion.

Eight of cups: Retirement, abandoned work, spiritual work, following a dream, seeking a new path in spirituality and art.

Many Nines in a spread indicate work in leadership, humanitarian and social justice work. 

Nine of wands: Expansion in the artistic or professional field. Defense work, custom work, fire man, a fitness instructor.

Nine of swords: Mental health worker, night worker.

Nine of pentacles: Talented, overnight success, administration, project manager.

Nine of cups: Getting what you want in a career.

Many Tens in a spread indicate work with a spiritual purpose. 

Ten of wands: Working on too many projects, over burdened at work, new contracts, performance punishment.

Ten of swords: Acupuncture, disability carer, funeral director, a forensic pathologist.

Ten of pentacles: A family business, sale, property investor, insurance broker, passive income, retirement.

Ten of cups: Colorful jobs, fame, publicity, jobs in the public eye, property investor, sales.

Pages denotes new beginnings and news: 

Page of wands: Creative work, activist, community project, youth work, news.

Page of swords: Using a talent and skill learnt from an early age, communication jobs, information jobs, spying, telesales.

Page of pentacles: Student, apprentice, entry jobs, new job, pursuing a business idea, practical jobs, attention to details.

Page of cups: psychic, creative, singer, poet, artist, working with youth.

Knights denotes movement and change in work:

Knight of wands: outdoors work, travel in work, ambulance worker, driver, competitive jobs.

Knight of swords: soldier, action-oriented jobs, war correspondence, doctor, computer hacker, a game developer.

Knights of pentacles: routine oriented work, business, feeling the need for change.

Knight of cups: Writer, poet, musician, health care provider.

Queens denotes stability in work and home/work balance:

Queen of wands: Teacher, leader, entrepreneur

Queen of swords: Lecturer, professor, manager

Queen of pentacles: Business woman, manager, carer

Queen of cups: Healer, counselor, psychic

Kings denotes expertise and confidence in work:

King of wands: Leader position in private enterprises and finance

King of swords: Chef, surgeon, lawyer, a professional man

King of pentacles: Middle management, business owner

King of cups: Doctor, CEO or high-level management