Moon Tarot Card Meanings

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moon tarot card meaning

Moon Tarot Card Meanings
and Keywords:

The Moon tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Moon tarot card can mean:


Changing your mind

Imagination running high.

Strong and vivid dreams.

Intuition pushing forward.

Unknown territory.

Fear and phobia. 

Uncertain reality.


Following your instincts.

Wanting to hide from the world.


Treasures disguised as monsters.



Imagination blocked.


Moon tarot card meanings and Astrology

The Moon is ruled by Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune also rules the Hanged Man.

Learn more about Moon in astrology on Cafe Astrology website here. 

Selene, the Moon Goddess

The moon, as governed by Selene, has been a symbol of our soul and our journey through lives and lives between lives. The Moon influences our emotions and dreams, with Selene being considered a source of inspiration and a muse for poets and lovers alike. She rides her chariot across the sky, a symbol of our hero’s journey.

You can learn more about Selene on Mythopedia website here. 

Moon in the Vision Quest.

Moon speaks of coming out of the Vision Quest and becoming more Awake, as seen in the Sun tarot card. The Moon is also our connection to our Soul and it symbolises our Crown Chakra. When the Seeker comes out of the vision quest, they could feel very different emotionally to who they were going into the vision quest. This is why the Moon tarot card speaks of emotional confusion. However, the Seeker quickly finds their feet again, as seen in the Sun card.

Moon tarot card meanings upright

Moon tarot card meanings in a general reading

Moon tarot card can mean the Seeker will change their mind and change their plans. They could have a complete change of heart.

When the Moon tarot card appears things might not be quite as they seem. The Moon comes with great gifts of creativity and imagination, and you might be drawn to solving a mystery. The Moon tarot card is here to remind us that our reality is ruled by our beliefs.

The Seeker could be asking a lot of questions about reality when this card is showing up.

Moon tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the Moon tarot card can speak of being in relationships as a way to mend a previously broken heart. The Moon speaks of the Seeker changing on a deep emotional level. While in this energy, they could be confused, however the confusion is often temporary.

Moon tarot card in a career reading 

In a career reading, the Moon tarot card signifies working at night time. The Moon can also denote a detective. If you are a creative person, the Moon speaks of writing jobs and career in the arts. The Moon is a symbol of our soul and it can speak of work that is very fulfilling on a soul level.

The Moon tarot card as feelings

The Moon tarot card speaks of feelings of confusion and the Seeker could be feeling in the dark about changes in their life. There is a new way of looking at things that will bring the Seeker clarity.

Moon tarot card meanings as Personality types

Moon tarot card denotes someone who is mysterious, receptive, and intuitive. Moon people need to face their fears so they can grow stronger and more confident. Moon often speaks of people who are very emotional. They could also be very influenced by the moon phases.

Moon tarot card meanings reversed

Moon tarot card reversed indicates primitive forces at play. The Moon often shows up reversed when the confusion is not lifting, but instead pulling the Seeker further into it. For artists, this card shows up when they are no longer in their creative flow and are unable to focus and channel their inspiration. There need to be a stronger connection to their inner life. They need to trust in their own emotions.

Moon tarot card reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

The Moon tarot card reversed can speak of someone who is not allowing their creative abilities to surface. There might be pressure to conform. This card reversed can speak of someone who doesn’t trust their own light and wisdom. 

Moon tarot card meanings summary

The Moon tarot card shows up to remind us that our reality is ruled by our beliefs. Each and one of us can change their reality by changing their thoughts. When we do this we get clarity. When we get clarity we become more creative. The Moon pushes our imaginations to run free, so when this card shows up in your reading things may not be as they appear.  

Moon Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The Moon:

The Moon(XVIII) + The Magician: Creative industries. A mystery.

The Moon(XVIII) + The High Priestess: A muse. 

The Moon(XVIII) + The Chariot: A boat. Creative journey. Astral travel.

The Moon(XVIII) + Judgement: A creative calling. Working in tv, film, radio, fashion. A writer. 

The Moon(XVIII) + The World: Social anxiety. Dreaming about success. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Three of cups: Creative friends. Art Exhibitions. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Seven of cups: Digital art. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Page of cups: An audition. A job interview. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Knight of cups: A bachelor. A salesman. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Queen of cups: A writer. Writing talents. Interior designs. 

The Moon(XVIII) + King of cups: A designer. Movie director. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Five of swords: Harassment. 

The Moon(XVIII) + King of swords: Mental health specialist. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Ace of wands: A creative idea. The writer’s pen.

The Moon(XVIII) + Five of wands: Drawings. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Seven of wands: Teaching arts. 

The Moon(XVIII) + King of wands: Acting. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Five of pentacles: Suffering for your art. Feeling fragile.

The Moon(XVIII) + Six of pentacles: Acting talent. A documentary. A script. 

The Moon(XVIII) + Nine of pentacles: A creative garden. A creative holiday. An artistic and confident person. 

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