High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

high priestess tarot card meaning

High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The High Priestess tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The High Priestess tarot card can mean:


A woman with psychic powers.

A woman in your life influencing you.

Making the impossible become possible.

Your inner life.

Making plans that are right for you, rather than what suits other people.

Having a hidden talent.

Knowing the answer and the right thing to do.


Lack of insight



Fragile psyche

High Priestess tarot card meanings and Astrology

High Priestess is connected to the Moon, which governs intuitions, mystery, instincts, cycles, the subconscious, and emotions.

The Moon takes approximately 28 days to orbit the zodiac, so the changes occurring with the High Priestess often takes around 28 days to materialise and stabilise. The Moon rules Cancer, the astrological sign of the Chariot.

Learn more about the Moon in Astrology on Cafe Astrology website here. 

High Priestess as the Hathor Archetype

Hathor is very complex, much like the High Priestess. She is the protector of women and responsible for the river Nile. The river Nile is a metaphor of our Divine Consciousness.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology, the Milky Way was seen as the Cosmic Nile River, the river of Cosmic Consciousness,  or the milk that flowed from the heavenly cow (Cosmic Consciousness).

The feminine in mythology is often a symbol of the soul’s connection to Creator of all, a connection that is a source of bliss and joy. It is also a connection of intuition and asking all the right questions. As a Hathor archetype, the High priestess at her best speaks of emotional balance and happiness.

Hathor is similar to the High Priestess a symbol of both feminine power and empowerment.

You can learn more about Hathor as a feminine archetype on Ancient Egypt Online. 

High Priestess in the Vision Quest

In the vision quest, High Priestess speaks of our Divine Feminine Self that is able to receive Creator of all. This is why in tarot, the cups are feminine in nature, Creator is often symbolised as water, and cups are able to hold this water. Men and women alike have a feminine receiving side to them. Our ancestor used simple metaphors to speak to us about how we can move closer to Creator of all. The High Priestess is Maiden with Mead in the old norse stories. She is the Soul. Watch the scholar Maria Kvilhaug speak about Maiden with Mead in the old norse stories here (YouTube link).

High Priestess tarot card meanings upright

Watch Tarotingie talk about the High Priestess tarot card on her Youtube channel here. 

High priestess tarot card meanings in a general reading

High Priestess tarot card represents secrets, magic, mystery, intuition, wisdom, and the art of making the impossible become possible. This card can represent a psychic connection between people, a psychic person, or someone who is a complete mystery to you. It can also represent using your inner voice to navigate through life. The High Priestess can represent your subconscious, and/or your subconscious beliefs. In a reading, she often represents the women in your life, your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, female boss/colleague.

High priestess tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the High priestess often denotes an emotional relationship that may never make it in the physical. The emotional connection can be so strong that the Seeker is unable to move on. If the Seeker is single, this card can mean the Seeker will dream about their soulmate before they meet. In a relationship, this card speaks of a strong psychic connection between the couple.

High Priestess tarot card in a career reading

In a career reading, the High priestess signifies academic work, careers in history, psychic work, and work in libraries and archives. If the seeker is job hunting, this card often encourages the Seeker to follow their instincts. Your intuition will guide you to the right job, business, and career path.

The High Priestess tarot card as feelings

The High Priestess tarot card speaks of feelings that often change. The Seeker doesn’t know what he or she is feeling. The Seeker is riding the highs and lows of their feelings and they have a hard time explaining how they feel or understand themselves. The Seeker wants stability and they are seeking their divine soulmate. Their divine soulmate is the one that makes them feel stable and secure.

High Priestess tarot card as Personality types

High Priestess tarot card as personality types speaks of someone with an intuitive and mysterious nature. This is someone who is highly intelligent and psychic, often well-educated, and also very calculated. This is someone who needs to know what is going on and who needs to be in control, especially through gaining knowledge and working out the truth of a situation. High priestess is someone who has a hard shell and is not easy to figure out. Behind the shell is a very sensitive person who doesn’t always show you how they feel.

High Priestess tarot card meanings reversed

High Priestess reversed indicates blocked psychic abilities, and little to no awareness of the subconscious influences on our reality. Answers are not found and instincts are often wrong. She can represent an unpredictable woman in your life. You might find it difficult to make decisions when this card turns up reversed.

High Priestess tarot card reversed as Personalty types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

High priestess reversed can speak of someone who has difficult going with the flow. They could have stopped listening to their intuition and walked away from their inner life. High Priestess reversed can speak of emotions that are overwhelming to the Seeker. When this card shows up reversed it an be hard for the Seeker to accept themselves.

High priestess tarot card meanings summary

The High priestess tarot card denotes your inner life and psychic connections. The High priestess also represents the women in your life. Sometimes the High priestess shows up in a reading when the Seeker discovers a hidden talent, and they change their perspective on what they can achieve (they make the impossible possible).

High Priestess tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the High Priestess.

The High Priestess(II) + The Lovers: Psychic connection.

The High Priestess(II) + The Devil: An emotional affair. Emotional Blackmail. 

The High Priestess(II) + The Moon: Menopause. Female soul connections. 

The High Priestess(II) + Seven of wands: Teacher. 

The High Priestess(II) + Knight of wands: Secret admirer. 

The High Priestess(II) + Ten of cups: Soul Family. 

The High Priestess(II) + Knight of cups: Secret talent. Acting. Performing. 

The High Priestess(II) + Six of swords: Spiritual travel. 

The High Priestess(II) + Page of swords: A talented psychic. 

The High Priestess(II) + King of swords: A woman in a man’s world. Psychic detective. 

The High Priestess(II) + Two of pentacles: Bartering as a psychic. 

The High Priestess(II) + Six of pentacles: Charity. 

The High Priestess(II) + Seven of pentacles: Landscape gardening. 

The High Priestess + Eight of pentacles: Learning a skill connected to your soul.

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