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Moon Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirty-second Lenormand card, moon, is romance. Moon also signifies creativity and recognition.

Moon Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Moon in Rider position: A new romance. Moving in a creative direction.

Moon in Clover position: Luck brings recognition.

Moon in Ship position: Overseas romance.

Moon in House position: Recognised family. Creative house.

Moon in Tree position: Mental health.

Moon in Clouds position: Uncertain romance.

Moon in Snake position: Deceitful romance.

Moon in Coffin position: Lack of romance. Lack of creativity.

Moon in Bouquet position: Happy romance. Art work.

Moon in Scythe position: Sudden recognition.

Moon in Whip position: Recognition brings arguments.

Moon in Birds position: Creative couple. Romantic couple.

Moon in Child position: Creative child.

Moon in Fox position: Recognition at work. Creative work.

Moon in Bear position: Recognition by boss. Creative boss.

Moon in Star position: Fame and recognition.

Moon in Stork position: Creative new changes.

Moon in Dog position: Romantic friend. Creative friend.

Moon in Tower position: Government recognition.

Moon in Garden position: Public recognition.

Moon in Mountain position: Recognition blocked. Creativity blocked.

Moon in Crossroad position: Creative choices.

Moon in Mice position: Recognition lost. Getting the recognition for others work.

Moon in Heart position: Romantic love.

Moon in Ring position: Creative marriage. Creative contract.

Moon in Book position: Creative study. Secret romance.

Moon in Letter position: Romantic letter.

Moon in Man position: Romantic man. Creative man.

Moon in Woman position: Romantic woman. Creative woman.

Moon in Lily position: Romance with someone older.

Moon in Sun position: A creative achievement.

Moon in Moon position: Much romance and creativity.

Moon in Key position: Important creative project.

Moon in Fish position: Creative business.

Moon in Anchor position: Long lasting romance.

Moon in Cross position: Creative burden. Religious art.