Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

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Knight of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

knight of swords tarot card meanings IMTarot
Knight of swords

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Moving forward fast.


Multitasking. Making hasty decisions.

Being on the warpath. A soldier.

Communication and problem-solving skills.

Being competitive.

Being an activist.

A truth seeker.


Unable to express yourself.



A trouble maker.

A criminal.

Symbolism in Knight of Swords tarot card

Symbolism is from Rider Waite Deck.

knight of swords

White horse and rider

The white horse symbolises the bravery of the rider as white horses are the bearer of heroes. The horse is charging ahead symbolising the mental conviction of the seeker. The rider is holding his sword up in the air with his right hand and steering his horse with his left hand symbolising the seeker’s ability to multi-task.


The sword symbolises his communication and ideas coming through his conscious mind.

Steering of his horse

The steering of his horse symbolises the direction in which he is going and is done through his subconscious mind.

Turbulent clouds

The turbulent clouds symbolise opposition and the wind blowing against the rider symbolise the knight following his own beliefs and convictions.

Astrologically, Knight of swords represents the Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Knight of swords tarot card meanings upright

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Knight of swords in a general question

Knight of Swords tarot card denotes a communicative, strong-minded, and at times opinionated person who is very action-oriented and thrives on change. This is someone with a competitive streak and doesn’t like to let go of his/hers position in an argument. Knight of swords can signify a soldier or someone who is in war, battle and/or conflict area. In a situation, Knight of swords tarot card describes hasty decisions and competitive environments. Things will move quickly and you will have to pay attention or you will quickly fall behind. Communication will be at its peak, everyone has something to say.

Knight of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Knight of swords tarot card indicates finding love when you least expect it. If the Seeker is in a relationship, Knight of swords denotes a relationship that can be of a competitive nature. The couple might be competing at who achieves more in their lives. This card can also indicate a love/hate relationship.

Knight of swords in a career reading

In a career reading, Knight of swords tarot card signifies action-oriented jobs and careers involving searching for the truth. Knight of swords can also denote a soldier or war correspondent. Knight of swords in pursuit of truth can indicate a hacktivist.

Is Knight of Swords a Yes or No in Tarot?

Knight of swords is a most likely Yes in Tarot.

Knight of Swords as Feelings

Knight of swords as feelings can denote the Seeker feels very competitive and argumentative. They have a strong need to communicate and to get their opinions heard. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Knight of swords can mean the person needs you to hear and understand them. They will most likely not tolerate being ignored. In many cases, they want to have a new beginning with no bad blood between you. Knight of swords as feelings can also mean the person is very restless and not in deep contact with their feelings but instead hides in their head.

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Knight of Swords as Personality types

Knight of swords as a person indicates someone very clever and intelligent. They are talkative, opinionated, ingenious, and competitive. They can be very animated and they love it when they get all the attention. Knight of Swords is able to accomplish many things at once. Knight of swords as people can denote they need to use their brilliant minds to be happy. They often lack diplomacy and have a habit of stepping on people’s toes. If someone hurts them, they make sure they hurt them back before they move on. Knight of swords people always give as good as they get, and then a little extra to make sure you never cross their boundaries again. This is someone who thinks quick, walks fast, and often has a habit of speeding. Everything has to happen now. They are very impatient people.

knight of swords tarot card meanings IMTarot
Knight of swords

Knight of swords tarot card meanings reversed

Knight of Swords tarot card reversed can sometimes speak of a person with a speech impediment or learning disabilities. This is someone who is intelligent but for some reason is unable to express themselves. Knight of swords also shows up reversed when there is a lack of observational skill and attention to detail. When it is very negative, it can speak of someone who might steal information from others and take credit for their work. It can even denote someone who spreads information on the Internet to create fear and havoc. If this card is about travel it can indicate delays, especially air travel.

Knight of Swords reversed as Personality types

Knight of swords reversed as personality types indicate someone who needs to learn to listen to others. They have a habit of thinking it’s all about them. They always try to win an argument and will quarrel so they can argue for the sake of it. Knight of swords reversed people often lack boundaries. They have a track record of upsetting others and driving people mad. They push your buttons and test your patience. After spending time with a Knight of Swords reversed person you feel utterly exhausted. They need to take a step back, enter into the energy of Page of swords, who is just as clever as Knight of swords, but they don’t need so much attention and drama. On a less negative note, Knight of swords reversed can speak of someone who is unsure of their own beliefs and value system. Their old paradigms could shift dramatically.

Knight of Swords (KnOS) tarot combinations

Some important tarot combinations with Knight of swords.

KnOS + Magician: A financial opportunity.

KnOS + Empress: Culinary experiences.

KnOS + Chariot: A successful teacher and mentor. This card combination can also speak of a Car that is very important to the Seeker.

KnOS + Moon: Needing to recharge emotionally.

KnOS + World: Politics. Seeing and dominating a Niche market. Ambition.

KnOS + Four of cups: Being confused about love.

KnOS + Ten of cups: Being diplomatic in relationships. Wanting a perfect relationship, but finds it hard to stand up for themselves.

KnOS + Queen of cups: Ignoring negative people. Following your own rules on the road to success. This combination speaks of someone very Emotionally strong.

KnOS + Three of pentacles: Workplace manager or auditor. This combination also speaks of a karmic bond between colleagues.

KnOS + Seven of pentacles: A disappointing deal. It’s hard to save money right now. This card combination can mean now is a good time to slow down a read, write, and/or learn a new language.

KnOS + Ten of pentacles:  Making money. Financial investments. This card combination can also speak of material jealousy.

KnOS + Knight of pentacles: A new career/job opportunity.

KnOS + Two of wands: Wanting a better life. Moving to a better place. Reaching new heights.

KnOS + Four of wands: Protecting a way of life. Your boundaries. An authority figure.

KnOS + Six of wands: Martial art.

KnOS + King of wands: Networking in private enterprises. Life coaching.

KnOS + Two of swords: Upsetting the status quo. A newcomer.

KnOS + Three of swords: Understanding emotional wounds to heal them.

KnOS + Five of swords: Standing up to a bully. This combination can also mean you need better judgement in the company you keep.

KnOS + King of swords: Working with your family or being married to the job. This card combination can also speak of doing affirmation and setting goals for the future.

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Knight of swords tarot card meanings

Truthseeker or trouble maker? That is the question when Knight of swords shows up in your tarot cards. Knight of swords is the kind of energy that brings about change, however, it is often conflict involved. Knight of swords can denote being a truth seeker. Knight of swords tarot card indicates someone who makes great investigators, policemen, detectives, journalists, scientists, activists; any occupation that focuses on finding out the truth. On the flip side, Knight of swords also makes great criminals and troublemakers.

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