Star Lenormand

Lenormand card 16 stars

Star Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the sixteenth Lenormand card, Stars, is dreams. Star brings direction to the Seeker by showing the path to realise the Seeker’s desires.

Star Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Star in Rider position: Dreams becoming a reality.

Star in Clover position: Dreams brings good fortune.

Star in Ship position: Dreaming of overseas. Dream travel/holiday.

Star in House position: Dream house.

Star in Tree position: Health goals coming true.

Star in Clouds position: Dreams being clouded.

Star in Snake position: Unknown territory.

Star in Coffin position: Dreams coming to an end.

Star in Bouquet position: Dreams making you happy.

Star in Scythe position: Dream breakthrough.

Star in Whip position: Fighting for your dreams.

Star in Birds position: Dream meeting.

Star in Child position: Star child. Famous child. New dream.

Star in Fox position: Dream job.

Star in Bear position: Dream boss. Financial dreams.

Star in Star position: Living the dream.

Star in Stork position: Making a positive change.

Star in Dog position: Famous dog. Famous/fortunate friend.

Star in Tower position: Famous institution.

Star in Garden position: Dream event. Famous circle.

Star in Mountain position: Dreams being delayed/blocked.

Star in Crossroad position: Lucky choices.

Star in Mice position: Dreams getting stolen/lost.

Star in Heart position: Dream love.

Star in Ring position: Fortunate marriage.

Star in Book position: Getting published. Famous book.

Star in Letter position: Lucky news.

Star in Man position: Lucky man.

Star in Woman position: Lucky woman.

Star in Lily position: Famous older person.

Star in Sun position: Fame and fortune.

Star in Moon position: Fortunate romance.

Star in Key position: Dreams in focus.

Star in Fish position: Lucky business.

Star in Anchor position: Dreams bringing security.

Star in Cross position: Dreams being sacrificed.