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Learn the secret meaning of each tarot card:

Sometimes the original tarot card meanings fall short to give the reader the insight they need. Each card has additional meanings that are not so obvious, and it can be very helpful when the traditional meanings make little sense.

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Major Arcana

Fool ~ Someone wants what you have.

Magician ~ Being with the one you love.

High Priestess ~ A unique business opportunity in a field you are an expert.

Empress ~ Being married to your career.

Emperor ~ In-completion.

Hierophant ~ Inspirational genius, especially in the performing arts.

Lovers ~ Trials overcome.

Chariot ~ Sudden news.

Strength ~ A once in a lifetime opportunity that must be taken.

Hermit ~ Delayed achievements.

Wheel of Fortune ~ Discretion. Perseverance.

Justice ~ Working your way up from the bottom to the top.

Hanged Man ~ Earning a wage.

Death ~ Creative or artistic struggle.

Temperance ~ Management.

Devil ~ IVF treatment.

Tower ~ Sudden cash flow.

Star ~ Abandonment.

Moon ~ A writer.

Sun ~ A new relationship.

Judgement ~ Enthusiasm resulting in fame and fortune.

World ~ Completed studies.


Ace of pentacles ~ Physical beauty.

Two of pentacles ~ Literary ability.

Three of pentacles ~ A good idea

Four of pentacles ~ Observations

Five of pentacles ~ Lasting friendships

Six of pentacles ~ Entertainment.

Seven of pentacles ~ A secret crush/attraction

Eight of pentacles ~ Avoiding the facts.

Nine of pentacles ~ A uniquely talented person.

Ten of pentacles ~ A house or dwelling.

Page of pentacles ~ Intellectual snobbery.

Knight of pentacles ~ Love of nature.

Queen of pentacles ~ Loneliness.

King of pentacles ~ A bribe.


Ace of cups ~ Freedom.

Two of cups ~ A contract or agreement signed.

Three of cups ~ A military man.

Four of cups ~ Jealousy.

Five of cups ~ A new life is about to start.

Six of cups ~ Pleasure. Spontaneity.

Seven of cups ~ The internet.

Eight of cups ~ Meeting new, genuine friends.

Nine of cups ~ Discretion.

Ten of cups ~ Buying and selling. Fame.

Page of cups ~ A new business method.

Knight of cups ~ Traffic. A city that never sleeps.

Queen of cups ~ Remaining passive.

King of cups ~ A reliable advice.


Ace of wands ~ Birth of a child.

Two of wands ~ Intellectual work.

Three of wands ~ Freelancing.

Four of wands ~ Inventor/designer. Perfected work.

Five of wands ~ Drawings.

Six of wands ~ Diplomacy.

Seven of wands ~ Lecturing, writing and teaching.

Eight of wands ~ Domestic disputes.

Nine of wands ~ Expansion in career.

Ten of wands ~ Journey to a strange place.

Page of wands ~ Looking for direction in life.

Knight of wands ~ Running. Change of residence.

Queen of wands ~ A successful business venture.

King of wands ~ Unexpected inheritance.



Ace of swords ~ Developing a sense of identity.

Two of swords ~ Return to a previous partner.

Three of swords ~ Attention to details. Clarity.

Four of swords ~ Partnerships of all kinds. Advice.

Five of swords ~ Loss of reputation.

Six of swords ~ Risks bring rewards.

Seven of swords ~ The use of intellect.

Eight of swords ~ Focus on appearance and image.

Nine of swords ~ Rumours and gossip. Patience.

Ten of swords ~ Retirement.

Page of swords ~ Skills learned from young age.

Knight of swords ~ A foreigner or a foreign country.

Queen of swords ~ Brooding behind your back.

King of swords ~ Someone is going too far.

Additional tarot card meanings

How do we know when to use the additional tarot card meanings? Depending on the question and the tarot cards that show up will give you a clue as to when to use the additional tarot meaning list. Sometimes the traditional tarot card meanings just don’t make any sense at all. Let’s say you are asking about how to get a new job and in the advice position you get Eight of swords. Does that mean you are advised to be confused and clueless? No. You are being guided to match your image to the job you are applying to as to give you an advantage in the job interview. If certain cards in the spread you are using are not making any sense you can cross-reference with this list.

Major Arcana Card Combinations

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