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seven of swords tarot card meanings 7 of swords tarot card

Seven of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Sneaking off.

Avoiding responsibility.

Stealing (especially ideas).

Breaking the rules.

Being caught out.

Being afraid to face the music.


Coming and going as you please.

Working more efficiently on your own.


A scapegoat.




Symbolism in Seven of Swords tarot card

The five swords in the man’s arms symbolise getting away with something less than honourable. The military camp in the background symbolises the rules and laws he is breaking. There are two swords behind him pointing downwards symbolising the apathy of society towards what he has done. In the background, there is a small group of soldiers, and one of them has his sword raised, symbolising being caught out.

Seven of Swords tarot card and Astrology

Moon (High Priestess) in Aquarius (Star)

Seven of swords tarot card meanings upright

Seven of swords in a general reading

Seven of Swords tarot card denotes someone is moving forward in less than honourable ways. There is often dishonesty connected with this card, and trying to get away with something or trying to get out of something by lying. This is the card for thieves. Seven of Swords combined with the Magician reversed can denote a con man. Seven of Sword can denote someone who hides the truth, has parasitic energy, comes and goes with or without you knowing about it, plays around behind your back and don’t pay their way. Seven of Swords combined with Three of Swords can be a sign that you are being cheated on, especially if you also have Three of cups reversed, or combined with other court cards or The High Priestess. Seven of Swords with Nine of Cups reversed can denote a gambling and drinking problem that is being hidden from you.

Tips when Seven of swords tarot card shows up in a reading: There is a narrow-mindedness in this card and the seeker might be unable to see other options and opportunities. Help the seeker see other ways of dealing with situations that will be more beneficial for them in the long run.

Seven of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Seven of swords tarot card can indicate trust issues within a relationship. If the Seeker is single, Seven of swords can denote causal relationships with little potential to be anything more. Seven of swords can also mean the couple is very similar in their hobbies and interests, and they prefer each other’s company to others, and they often choose not to socialise much with others.

Seven of swords in a career reading

In career questions, the Seven of swords tarot card can denote that you are applying for work in a new company. You are taking the expertise you learned in one company to benefit another one (most likely the competition). Seven of swords in a career question can also mean careers in secret service, espionage, army, and marketing. Seven of swords can also mean the Seeker prefers to work by themselves rather than in a team.

Learn what Seven of swords tarot card means in the Grand Tableau.

Seven of swords as Feelings

Seven of swords as feelings speaks of the Seeker needing a lot of alone time. They feel like being alone and learn, watch, and observe the world from a safe place. The Seeker could be feeling distrusting. They have been let down a lot in this life time and the feel like being by themselves. They don’t share their thoughts and feelings with anyone at this stage. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Seven of swords can mean this person does not feel like trusting anyone. You most likely do not know this person very well.

Personality types in Seven of swords tarot card

Seven of swords tarot card can indicate someone who is very futile and unavailing, mostly because they are always putting their noses in everybody else’s business. They are quite dishonest and usually come and go as they please, living off others, possibly even stealing from people. They are so charming that this behaviour often goes on for quite some time without anyone becoming suspicious. A few people always see through them, though, however, a Seven of swords person always has an explanation when questioned. There is just something that doesn’t quite make sense and it is hard to put your finger on it. This is someone who will hack into your email and read everything. They will read your diary and look through your phone if they get a chance. On a more positive note, Seven of swords can indicate someone with a very observant and active mind, and they are very independent.

seven of swords tarot card meanings

Seven of Swords tarot card meanings reversed

Seven of Swords tarot card reversed indicates clumsiness and forgetfulness, especially when it comes to recollecting which lies have been told and to who. Sneaking around and cheating will not work out, you will lose track of what you are doing. Sometimes Seven of swords tarot card shows up reversed when the seeker is afraid of getting into trouble even if they haven’t done anything wrong. They might be a bit paranoid and are aiming at staying under the radar. Sometimes Seven of swords tarot card shows up reversed when the Seeker is being used as a scapegoat. 

Personality types in reversed Seven of swords tarot card

This card reversed can indicate someone insecure about how to act or how to behave. They are very fearful people and do what they can to please others, but most of the time all they end up doing is annoying everyone. This is someone very animated and attention seeking. If they are not the center of attention they don’t know what to do with themselves. They interrupt people’s conversations and talk about things they have no knowledge about. Most of the time they feel left out and are desperately trying to get your attention. In personal relationships, they often drain their partners empty. They have no hesitation about slandering people if that means being a part of a conversation. Then, of course, they tell the other person what was said, pretending it was everybody else that said it, not them.

Seven Of Swords Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Seven of swords:

7 of swords + The High Priestess: Keeping Secrets. 

7 of swords + The Empress: Single parent. 

7 of swords + The Hierophant: Breaking the rules. 

7 of swords + Death: Sensitive information. Intelligence officer. 

7 of swords + The Moon: Spying on someone. 

7 of swords + Judgement: Journalism. 

7 of swords + Three of wands: Faking it until you are making it. 

7 of swords + Five of wands: Lack of team-work. 

7 of swords + Eight of wands: Playing your own game. 

7 of swords + Ten of wands: Lack of communication. 

7 of swords + Knight of wands: Manipulating others. 

7 of swords + Ace of cups: Taking time out to enjoy life. 

7 of swords + Three of cups: Being an outsider. 

7 of swords + Eight of cups: Soul searching. 

7 of swords + Page of cups: Shyness. 

7 of swords + Queen of cups: Hiding your psychic talents. 

7 of swords + King of cups: Applying yourself in an unusual way. 

7 of swords + Two of pentacles: Gambling. 

7 of swords + Four of pentacles: Hiding your money. 

7 of swords + Eight of pentacles: Teaching yourself an art form. 

7 of swords + Page of pentacles: Distracting others with the way you look. 

7 of swords + Queen of pentacles: Borrowing money. 

7 of swords + Two of swords: Avoiding to take a stand. 

7 of swords + Six of swords: Mentally confused. 

7 of swords + Eight of swords: Going back to what you know. 

7 of swords + Page of swords: Whistle-blowing. Spying. 

7 of swords + Queen of swords: Getting revenge on someone. 

Seven of Swords tarot card meanings summary

When the Seven of swords tarot card shows up there might be a fear of both conflict and commitment. The seeker might want to get out of anything that can lead to too much responsibility. There is escapism in this card; but not in the same sense as in Seven of cups (day-dream island). This has more to do with wanting to avoid having to answer to anyone or be held accountable. Help the seeker see how they can be of use without the feeling of being trapped. In a relationship, the seeker might also feel difficulties in expressing themselves freely. When Seven of swords represents the seeker then the seeker prefers being behind the scenes. Being in the public eye is especially difficult when Seven of swords shows up.

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35 thoughts on “Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hi Inger,

    In another spread, I drew the 7 of Swords under the question “How will I feel about the guy I am dating in the future?”

    I drew three more cards to clarify, and I got

    1. King of Cups
    2. Temperance
    3. Death

    What do you think it is saying? What do I need to watch out for?


  2. I feel like you might put this guy in the friend zone after a while….that is what it looks like. For that not to happen, he will need to know how to communicate well with you, or else I feel like you will lose interest in this guy.

  3. Hi Inger,

    In my last spread I got the 7 of swords for “his feelings for me”, totally unexpected, then I drew another card and I got the Devil, I wasn’t sure about what to believe, since this is a pretty strange combination-

    Is he trying to evade me for some reason? or is he hiding something from me? I’m very confused

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi Inger,

    I had a reading and was discussing my ex who is currently in another relationship. I’ve been being told many things about their relationship that are negative (later confirmed by him when he reaches out) and the cards show positively for the two of us in the future.

    Just today, I discussed him and the cards focused on (just two mentioned) were the 7 of swords and 8 of cups together in regards to his current relationship. The reader said they’re negative as usual and I shouldn’t close the door on him just yet even though it’s frustrating for me.

    In a previous reading, 2 of swords, 8 of cups, and 9 of swords came up re: my ex and his current relationship.

    I try and read on these cards as best as I can but I find myself bEcoming curious if they’re actually about me and him and not him and HER. Is that possible?

  5. Dear Ash. Seven of swords often indicate that someone is not telling you the whole truth, and they like to keep their true thoughts and feelings to themselves. Be direct and ask him who he truly wants to be with.

  6. hello lovely Inger, thank you for your site,,, I have a question regarding my friend i work here and there as needed. I asked how he feels about me. He cancelled on me this weekend to work with me and put others 1st. He has been a little cold towards me. I asked how he feels about me. I received 7 swords, queen pentacles and empress. He does have a child with a woman so and i am a taurus so this to me looks like he needed money off me, well more and the mother of his child has said something to him?
    Or does he feel like he thinks I’m shifty or shady thinking i take advantage of him cause of our friendship? (whatever it is lol)
    I don’t usually get bad cards when i ask about his feelings towards me.. and I’m buffled about this one :) xo

  7. Hi Inger, I’ve drawn seven of swords and the lovers and my question is why does my love interest is being cold to me recently while he claimed to me before that if he ever wanted to stop talking to me he’ll let me know, but now he had ignored me for more than a week after he ditched me last time for his emergency I wanna ask why. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi Inger,

    Love the site. I’d like your opinion on something if you don’t mind. Did a reading asking, “what do i need to know about me and X?”. Pulled 4 of swords, 7 of swords, & 9 of pentacles. Ace of swords as the root of the issue.

    This came right after we smoothed out a misunderstanding, but i had been wondering afterward if I should just move on without him. My first thoughts were that these cards are trying to answer me about moving on from him. But I’m confused why the 7 of swords is there. Is it telling me that cutting him out of my life will bring me peace? Or something completely different? What say you?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi, Liz. Seven of swords with the lovers can mean he is confused when it comes to relationships, and he likes his own time and space right now. I also feel like he is busy with work at the moment.

  10. Both seven of swords and nine of pentacles are cards that can mean the Seeker wants time by themselves, and they often thrive by themselves. You might feel that you just really want your time and space right now :)

  11. Hi inger,
    I pulled seven of sword and then three of wands when i asked if they were going to get away with the lies they made about me to my higher supervisor. Can you help me clarift?

  12. Hi Inga I did a general spread with regards to work. in position 8 I got lovers and am unsure what this means, does this reference to a love relationship, or people at work? I got seven of swords as an outcome and I wonder if this a very negative card as reading above its about theft. Can you elaborate on this spread. I pulled out two extra cards I got seven of swords next to judgement which means Journalism I am not sure what this means, does this mean the seeker may go into a career in this field. Thanks

    Card 1: The current situation Magician

    Card 2: What is crossing you (can be both positive or negative) Justice

    Card 3: What you should aim towards, actions to take, goals Four of pentacles

    Card 4: Distant past Queen of wands

    Card 5: Recent past Temperance

    Card 6: Future influence Two of pentacles

    Card 7: The seeker Emperor

    Card 8: Significant other influencing the situation Lovers

    Card 9: Surprises and hidden influences Three of cups

    Card 10: Outcome (this is the final answer, Seven of Swords

    11 Judgment 12 six of cups

  13. Hi Inger,

    I got these three cards together for the 2nd week of July,

    7 of Swords (reversed)
    6 of Wands (reversed)
    3 of Wands

    and the overall theme was 6 of cups (reversed) for the 2nd week

    Thank you!

    Any idea of these combinations could mean?

  14. Hi, Jen. You could be a bit confused and unsure in this period, especially in your life direction. You might even feel the scapegoat of someone else’s mistake. I feel you will want to go out on your own and create something completely new for yourself in your career, and you are wondering what actually steps to take. You do know what you want, but you are feeling hesitant about making any major decisions.

  15. Hey Inger! I did a Celtic cross reading for me and my partner, the subject of my inquiry was if he was cheating on me. I have no proof just a feeling that comes and goes so I finally decided to do a reading. What I got is a bit confusing but I’m drawn to the fact that yes he is cheating.
    Here it is:

    -Three of cups (heart of the matter)

    -nine of swords (crossing card)

    -the world (foundation)

    – judgement (recent past)

    – Seven of swords (crowning card) and the King of cups as the clarifier

    -night of cups (near future)

    – five of cups (internal energies)

    -nine of pentacles (external energies)

    -the fool (hopes and fears)

    -For the outcome two cards just flipped out and they were the Queen of wands layered by the Six of cups

    Ps: I’m a Pisces and for some reason I never liked the queen of wands I can’t see her as good news.

    I will be so grateful if you can help…

    Lots of light and blessings.

  16. Hi. It is hard to tell from your cards, but in your hopes and fears you got the Fool, so maybe you want a new beginning for yourself and are subconsciously seeking a way out or at least more freedom in this relationship to have more independence to do the things you want.

  17. hi,
    I asked about what was the relationship between two people
    I got nine of swords reversed
    two of cups reversed
    seven of swords reversed
    what does this mean
    I asked this for my partner as I thought he was cheating on me with this girl
    any insight

  18. Hi dear inger! I asked about my relationship between me and my ex in a proper time and if he wnts to come back?i draw three carts wheel of fortune 7 of wands and king of cups

  19. Hi Inger, I asked about my relationship as I am unsure if I should leave. I’m find it really difficult to trust and am unsure if he is faithful. I did a one card spread and received the Knight of Cups, when I requested further clarification I received the 7 of Swords, the Queen of Cups and 2 of Pentacles.
    Should I take the 7 of Swords as confirmation that I am right? And with the 2 of Pentacles I need to make my decision and leave?
    I appreciate your thoughts….

  20. Hi Inger. Im considering ending my relationship as I have difficulty trusting and am unsure if he will is faithful. I did a one card spread and received the Knight if Cups, which I took as positive. I then requested further clarification and received the 7 of Swords, the Queen of Cups and 2 of Pentacles!
    Should I take the 7 of Swords and 2 of Pentacles as confirmation of my fears and make the decision to leave?
    I appreciate your thoughts

  21. Hi I asked my cards if I would receive bad news in the near future and I got

    1 7 of swords
    2 the moon
    3 knight of swords
    4 death
    5 ace of pentacles
    6 four of pentacle s

  22. You could receive some news that will change how you live your life on a day to day basis. I feel you will learn to trust yourself a lot more in the future and this is the lesson you are currently learning. :)

  23. Hello in a recent relationship reading I currently had a Capricorn break things off after I tried to distance myself because he seemed undecided about me traveling to visit him even though he kept saying he wanted to see me but wouldn’t set a date ..the reading came out with
    3 of wands + the devil + page of wands
    Knight of wands + Seven of swords + two of swords
    Two of wands + ten of Pennacle’s + ten of cups

    Can anyone tell me what this means for us?

  24. Hi Inger, last night i got the seven of swords in a single card reading with regards to a love interest/crush. my question was give me a reflection of my situation with (her name____) where do i stand with her”etc, i just can’t put my finger on what this means. my first reaction was maybe getting rid of any negative thoughts or doubt’s since it is a swords card(air,mental,thoughts) maybe?????

  25. Hi Inger, I did a 14 card spread with regards to me and my love interest, and in the position for “what she brings to the relationship” I got seven of swords. does this mean she’ll bring ‘baggage’ into my life?

  26. Hi Inger!! I got the 5 of pentacles 2 of swords and 7 of swords …shadowcard temperance for a practice and general reading you have any idea what’s the bigger picture

  27. Hi, Chian. The bigger picture is for you to be as independent as possible. I feel you will move as well. 5 of pentacles shows up when we need to look at our finances and also to look at what we are thinking about ourselves, and what we believe we are capable of. It often shows up when we have settled for being less than what we truly are. 2 of swords follows which means you will begin to look at everything going on in your life more objectively, freeing you from any kinds of emotional blackmails and manipulations. 7 of swords means the shift towards independence. You take with you what serves you and you move forward with your life. Temperance means you will end up far from where you started, but you will never forget your past. Instead, you will incorporate it into your new life. I feel you will be in the intellectual world. Swords show up when there is a lot of mental energy and talents within the person and temperance shows up when someone can use their intellect to create on the practical plane and blend the elements together.

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