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lenormand card 6 clouds


Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the sixth Lenormand card, clouds, is confusion.

Clouds Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Clouds in Rider position: Confusing news. Miscommunication.

Clouds in Clover position: Long-term uncertainty.

Clouds in Ship position: Uncertain journey.

Clouds in House position: Unstable living situation.

Clouds in Tree position: Confusion about health.

Clouds in Clouds position: Double confusion. Being left in the dark.

Clouds in Snake position: Secrets.

Clouds in Coffin position: Confusion ends.

Clouds in Bouquet position: Rose colored glasses.

Clouds in Scythe position: Difficulty making a clear-cut decision, problems with surgery.

Clouds in Whip position: Arguments, abuse.

Clouds in Birds position: Gossip.

Clouds in Child position: Problems with children, difficulty having children.

Clouds in Fox position: Problems at work.

Clouds in Bear position: Lack of leadership.

Clouds in Star position: Uncertain future, not knowing what you want.

Clouds in Stork position: Uncertain new beginnings. Uncertain pregnancy.

Clouds in Dog position: Lack of judgement around friends.

Clouds in Tower position: Problems with government and authorities.

Clouds in Garden position: Social angst.

Clouds in Mountain position: Low self-esteem. Aiming low. Fear of failure.

Clouds in Crossroad position: Unable to make a decision.

Clouds in Mice position: Unable to see the problems.

Clouds in Heart position: Confusion in love.

Clouds in Ring position: Problems in a relationship.

Clouds in Book position: Learning difficulties.

Clouds in Letter position: Problems with documents.

Clouds in Man position: A liar.

Clouds in Woman position: A liar.

Clouds in Lily position: Confusion due to old age

Clouds in Sun position: Confusion lifted.

Clouds in Moon position: Unsure if want a relationship.

Clouds in Key position: Not seeing the big picture, missing important information.

Clouds in Fish position: Problems in business.

Clouds in Anchor position: Having your foundation rocked.

Clouds in Cross position: Seeking higher power for guidance.