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Lenormand card 34 fish


Fish Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirty-fourth Lenormand card, Fish, is Business. Fish also signifies finances.

Fish Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Fish in Rider position: New business partner.

Fish in Clover position: Luck in business. Financial luck.

Fish in Ship position: Business overseas.

Fish in House position: Family business.

Fish in Tree position: Health business.

Fish in Clouds position: Confusing business. Uncertain finances.

Fish in Snake position: Deceitful business.

Fish in Coffin position: End of business. Inheritance.

Fish in Bouquet position: Happy business. Financial gift.

Fish in Scythe position: Business decision. Cut to finances. Budgeting.

Fish in Whip position: Arguing about money.

Fish in Birds position: Wealthy couple.

Fish in Child position: Young business. New business.

Fish in Fox position: Well paying job.

Fish in Bear position: Wealthy boss. Powerful business person.

Fish in Star position: Business plan.

Fish in Stork position: Business restructure.

Fish in Dog position: Wealthy friend. Pet industry.

Fish in Tower position: Financial institution.

Fish in Garden position: Charity event. Fundraiser.

Fish in Mountain position: Delays in finances. Financial blocks. Many bills.

Fish in Crossroad position: Financial choices. Business directions.

Fish in Mice position: Stressful business. Illegal business. Stealing money.

Fish in Heart position: Love of money.

Fish in Ring position: Business partner. Business contract. Wealthy marriage.

Fish in Book position: Studying finances. Secret money.

Fish in Letter position: Business correspondence. Invoices. Tax documents. Cash.

Fish in Man position: Business man.

Fish in Woman position: Business woman.

Fish in Lily position: Wealthy retirement.

Fish in Sun position: Success in business.

Fish in Moon position: Dating service. Creative industry.

Fish in Key position: Important business.

Fish in Fish position: Multiple businesses.

Fish in Anchor position: Stable business. Long term wealth.

Fish in Cross position: Business worry. A charity.