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Lenormand card 21 mountain


Mountain Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-first Lenormand card, mountain, is a delay. Mountain also signifies obstacles.

Mountain Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Mountain in Rider position: Delays in making changes. News are delayed.

Mountain in Clover position: Obstacles brings luck.

Mountain in Ship position: Delays in travels. Obstacle on holiday.

Mountain in House position: Isolation in the home. Loneliness. Spending too much time indoors.

Mountain in Tree position: Delays with health. Obstacles with health.

Mountain in Clouds position: Delays create confusion.

Mountain in Snake position: Obstacles with a deceitful person.

Mountain in Coffin position: Obstacles end.

Mountain in Bouquet position: Happy endings to obstacles.

Mountain in Scythe position: Delays with surgery.

Mountain in Whip position: Obstacles create arguments.

Mountain in Birds position: Obstacles within a group/couple.

Mountain in Child position: Delays having children. Problems with a child.

Mountain in Fox position: Difficulties with work.

Mountain in Bear position: Problems with the boss.

Mountain in Star position: Delays in following a dream. Being blocked.

Mountain in Stork position: Delayed changes.

Mountain in Dog position: Obstacles with a friend. Dog obedience.

Mountain in Tower position: Isolation. Prison.

Mountain in Garden position: Delayed events.

Mountain in Mountain position: Many delays.

Mountain in Crossroad position: Unable to make a decision.

Mountain in Mice position: Stress taking a toll.

Mountain in Heart position: Heartache.

Mountain in Ring position: Problems in a marriage. Delays with a contract.

Mountain in Book position: Learning difficulties. Truth being blocked.

Mountain in Letter position: News and mail delayed. Delay in communication.

Mountain in Man position: Obstacles with a man. Negative man.

Mountain in Woman position: Obstacles with a woman. Negative woman.

Mountain in Lily position: Difficult retirement.

Mountain in Sun position: Success delayed. Obstacles overcome at last.

Mountain in Moon position: Artistic abilities blocked. Delay in romance.

Mountain in Key position: Important delays.

Mountain in Fish position: Delay in business.

Mountain in Anchor position: Long lasting delays.

Mountain in Cross position: Depression.