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Lenormand card 7 snake


Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the seventh Lenormand card, snake, is deception.

Snake Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Snake in Rider position: Deceiving news. Gossip.

Snake in Clover position: Faking it before you are making it.

Snake in Ship position: Leaving your troubles behind.

Snake in House position: Problems in the home, family issues.

Snake in Tree position: Mental health problems.

Snake in Clouds position: Being deliberately kept in the dark.

Snake in Snake position: A deceit.

Snake in Coffin position: The truth comes out. End of deception.

Snake in Bouquet position: The best lie you ever told .

Snake in Scythe position: Attacks that might end in surgery.

Snake in Whip position: Deception that will come back and hurt you.

Snake in Birds position: Deception within a couple.

Snake in Child position: Difficulties with a child. A lying child.

Snake in Fox position: Difficulties at a job. Lies in the workplace.

Snake  in Bear position: Lying to you boss.

Snake in Star position: Lying about the future.

Snake in Stork position: Avoiding change. Being stuck.

Snake in Dog position: Lying to a friend.

Snake in Tower position: Scams. Lying to government and to authorities.

Snake in Garden position: Lies and scams at social events.

Snake in Mountain position: Being blocked by deception and lies.

Snake in Crossroad position: Choices based on lies rather than accurate information.

Snake in Mice position: A turn for the worse. When it rains it pours.

Snake in Heart position: A deceiving heart.

Snake in Ring position: A deceiving contract. Deception in a marriage.

Snake in Book position: Misinformation. Incorrect information.

Snake in Letter position: Deceiving mail.

Snake in Man position: A deceiving man.

Snake in Woman position: A deceiving woman.

Snake in Lily position: Deceiving older person.

Snake in Sun position: Winning a battle.

Snake in Moon position: Deceiving romance.

Snake in Key position: Lying to prove a point.

Snake in Fish position: Deception in business. Competition.

Snake in Anchor position: Using manipulations to feel safe.

Snake in Cross position: Controlling others.