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Lenormand card 15 bear


Bear Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the fifteenth Lenormand card, Bear, is a boss. Bear can also signify your mother and your finances.

Bear Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Bear in Rider position: Financial news.

Bear in Clover position: Abundance.

Bear in Ship position: Power trip. Shipping investment.

Bear in House position: Your mother.

Bear in Tree position: Strong health.

Bear in Clouds position: Financial confusion. Poor management.

Bear in Snake position: Your boss is lying. Financial deceit.

Bear in Coffin position: Financial endings. Loss of leadership.

Bear in Bouquet position: Abundance.

Bear in Scythe position: Boss making cuts. Financial cuts. Mother having surgery.

Bear in Whip position: Boss pushing you. Financial arguments.

Bear in Birds position: Leadership meeting.

Bear in Child position: Mother and child.

Bear in Fox position: Financial work. Leadership work.

Bear in Bear position: Strong leadership.

Bear in Star position: Financial dreams.

Bear in Stork position: Financial changes. A new boss.

Bear in Dog position: Approachable boss. A strong dog.

Bear in Tower position: Financial institution.

Bear in Garden position: High-flying social event.

Bear in Mountain position: Financial blocks.

Bear in Crossroad position: Financial choices.

Bear in Mice position: Financial loss.

Bear in Heart position: Powerful love.

Bear in Ring position: Financial contract. A powerful marriage.

Bear in Book position: Financial study.

Bear in Letter position: Financial mail.

Bear in Man position: A bossy male.

Bear in Woman position: A bossy female.

Bear in Lily position: A powerful older person. An old boss. Finances in retirement.

Bear in Sun position: Financial success.

Bear in Moon position: Boss being emotional. A powerful creative venture.

Bear in Key position: Leadership is the key.

Bear in Fish position: Financial business.

Bear in Anchor position: Financial security.

Bear in Cross position: Financial worry.