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Lenormand card 18 dog


Dog Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the eighteenth Lenormand card, dog, is a friend. Dog also signifies loyalty or your pets.

Dog Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Dog in Rider position: Friend visiting. New friend entering into your life.

Dog in Clover position: Lucky friend. A friend brings you luck.

Dog in Ship position: A friend is going overseas. Travelling with a friend.

Dog in House position: Neighbour. A dog house.

Dog in Tree position: Pets health. Vet.

Dog in Clouds position: A friend is confusing you.

Dog in Snake position: A friend is deceiving you. A pet snake.

Dog in Coffin position: A friendship ends. A pet dies.

Dog in Bouquet position: A happy friendship.

Dog in Scythe position: A friend has surgery. A friend has an accident.

Dog in Whip position: Arguments with a friend.

Dog in Birds position: A friendly couple.

Dog in Child position: A friendly child. A child and a pet.

Dog in Fox position: A friend at work. A hunting dog.

Dog in Bear position: A friendly boss. Being friends with your boss.

Dog in Star position: A future friend. Friends in high places.

Dog in Stork position: Friend relocation.

Dog in Dog position: Spending much time with friends. Friendships in focus. Getting another dog.

Dog in Tower position: The dog pound. Animal shelters.

Dog in Garden position: Going out with friends. A party.

Dog in Mountain position: Friend being delayed. Being a hermit.

Dog in Crossroad position: A friend is changing direction.

Dog in Mice position: Friendship lost.

Dog in Heart position: A friend in love. Being in love with your friend.

Dog in Ring position: A friend is getting married.

Dog in Book position: A friend shares a secret. Students.

Dog in Letter position: Friendly mail.

Dog in Man position: A male friend. A man with a dog.

Dog in Woman position: A female friend. A woman with a dog.

Dog in Lily position: An older person with a dog. A friend retires.

Dog in Sun position: A successful friend.

Dog in Moon position: A romance with a friend.

Dog in Key position: An important friend. A friend in focus.

Dog in Fish position: A business partner. A dog/pet business .

Dog in Anchor position: A long-term friendship.

Dog in Cross position: A friend in need.