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Lenormand card 27 letter


Letter Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-seventh card, letter, is messages. Letter also signifies mail in all forms including e-mails.

Letter Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Letter in Rider position: New information. Messages from someone new.

Letter in Clover position: Good news.

Letter in Ship position: Mail from overseas. Holiday postcards.

Letter in House position: Mail box. Mail about a house. Mail from family.

Letter in Tree position: Mail about health.

Letter in Clouds position: A confusing message.

Letter in Snake position: A deceiving message.

Letter in Coffin position: Message about endings. End of messages.

Letter in Bouquet position: Happy messages.

Letter in Scythe position: Mail about surgery. Messages about quick decisions.

Letter in Whip position: Messages about messages. Arguments through e-mails.

Letter in Birds position: Messages to a group. Mail from a couple.

Letter in Child position: Mail from a child.

Letter in Fox position: Mail about a job.

Letter in Bear position: Financial messages.

Letter in Star position: Messages about your future dream.

Letter in Stork position: Messages about pregnancy. Messages about change.

Letter in Dog position: Mail from a friend. Messages about a pet.

Letter in Tower position: Messages from government.

Letter in Garden position: Public messages. A party invitation.

Letter in Mountain position: Messages delayed.

Letter in Crossroad position: Messages about choices.

Letter in Mice position: Messages get lost. Stressful messages.

Letter in Heart position: Love letter.

Letter in Ring position: Married certificate. Business partnership contract.

Letter in Book position: Messages about study. Secret mail.

Letter in Letter position: Much correspondence.

Letter in Man position: Writer. Postman. Message about a man.

Letter in Woman position: Writer. Message about a woman.

Letter in Lily position: Message from an older person.

Letter in Sun position: Messages about success and achievements.

Letter in Moon position: Romantic letter. Creative message.

Letter in Key position: Important message.

Letter in Fish position: Business papers.

Letter in Anchor position: Reliable message.

Letter in Cross position: Religious message.