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Lenormand card 10 skythe


Scythe Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the tenth Lenormand card, scythe, is surgery. Another meaning to scythe is cutting something out of your life.

Scythe Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Scythe in Rider position: Making necessary cuts to move forward.

Scythe in Clover position: Surgery goes well, quick recovery.

Scythe in Ship position: Emigrating to another country.

Scythe in House position: Selling a house.

Scythe in Tree position: Surgery.

Scythe in Clouds position: A cut that creates confusion.

Scythe in Snake position: Complication after surgery. A cover up.

Scythe in Coffin position: A final cut. A final ending.

Scythe in Bouquet position: A cut that brings happiness.

Scythe in Scythe position: Multiple surgeries or cuts.

Scythe in Whip position: Cuts that hurts. Self-defence.

Scythe in Birds position: Cutting out people in your life that no longer serve you.

Scythe in Child position: Surgery of a child.

Scythe in Fox position: A cut in a job.

Scythe in Bear position: Cut to managers and leaders. Financial cuts.

Scythe in Star position: Making cuts to create your dreams and future.

Scythe in Stork position: Cesarean.

Scythe in Dog position: A vet. Surgery of pet or friend.

Scythe in Tower position: Cut in public services.

Scythe in Garden position: Cutting down on the social life. A decrease in social status.

Scythe in Mountain position: Climbing the mountain. Dealing with problems one task at a time.

Scythe in Crossroad position: Fewer options. Only one way forward.

Scythe in Mice position: Cutting out the parasites in your life.

Scythe in Heart position: Heartache. Surgery to the heart.

Scythe in Ring position: Possible separation. Cuts to contracts. Inability to work together.

Scythe in Book position: Studying to be a surgeon. Cutting to the truth of a matter.

Scythe in Letter position: Receiving a termination letter of final notice letter. News of endings.

Scythe in Man position: Surgery of a man. A surgeon.

Scythe in Woman position: Surgery of a woman. A surgeon.

Scythe in Lily position: Surgery due to old age. Downsizing.

Scythe in Sun position: Healing. Starting over.

Scythe in Moon position: Self-harming.

Scythe in Key position: Doing what has to be done.

Scythe in Fish position: Making cuts to a business to make it more profitable.

Scythe in Anchor position: A cut that brings stability.

Scythe in Cross position: Pain and sacrifice.