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Lenormand card 30 lily


Lily Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the thirties card, lilies, is retirement. Lilies can also signify a lover.

Lily Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Lily in Rider position: Moving forward with retirement. A new lover.

Lily in Clover position: Lucky retirement. Lucky lover.

Lily in Ship position: Travelling overseas in retirement. Overseas lover.

Lily in House position: Old house.

Lily in Tree position: Age-related health issues.

Lily in Clouds position: Dementia. Confusing lover.

Lily in Snake position: Old mean person. Deceitful lover.

Lily in Coffin position: End of retirement. End of a love affair.

Lily in Bouquet position: Happy retirement. A hHappy love affair.

Lily in Scythe position:Age-related surgery. Older surgeon.

Lily in Whip position: Arguments between older people. Old conflicts.

Lily in Birds position: Older couple.

Lily in Child position: Grandchild.

Lily in Fox position: Old jobs.

Lily in Bear position: Old boss. Powerful older person.

Lily in Star position: Old dream.

Lily in Stork position: Changes in retirement. Changes with an older person. Change of lover.

Lily in Dog position: Old friend. A retired person with a dog.

Lily in Tower position: Retirement village. Nursing home.

Lily in Garden position: Social events for seniors. A public lover.

Lily in Mountain position: Obstacles with retirement. Sexual life blocked.

Lily in Crossroad position: Choices about retirement.

Lily in Mice position: Stressful retirement.

Lily in Heart position: Old love.

Lily in Ring position: Long marriage.

Lily in Book position: Old student. Secret lover.

Lily in Letter position: Mail from an older person. Old letters.

Lily in Man position: Older man.

Lily in Woman position: Older woman.

Lily in Lily position: Older people.

Lily in Sun position: Success in mature age.

Lily in Moon position: Romance later in life. Creative older person. Romantic lover.

Lily in Key position: Important older person. Important lover.

Lily in Fish position: Age care industry. Old business.

Lily in Anchor position: Stable older person. Sexual problems.

Lily in Cross position: Worry in old age.