Pinocchio vs Odin ~ The Surprising True Meaning

I have discovered that Odin’s true meaning is linked to the Pineal Gland and the union with Source energy. The story of Pinocchio parallels Odin’s experience of hanging on Yggdrasil and merging with the Source. The name “Pinocchio” translates to “Pineal Nut.” At the beginning of the story, Pinocchio is … Read more

Basic Tarot card meanings

Tarot Basic Cheat Sheet This is a sneak cheat post that you can use to remember the basic tarot card meanings. Major Arcana cards basic meaning Fool: Upright: The unknown Reversed: Delays Magician: Upright: Innovation. Reversed: Misunderstandings. High Priestess: Upright: Intuition Reversed: Manipulations. Empress: Upright: Fertility Reversed: Neglect Emperor: Upright: Authority Reversed: … Read more

Archetypal Tarot Court Cards

Archetypal Tarot Court cards and the people who harbour their energies. Archetypes Tarot court cards are models of people and their behaviour. According to Myer-Biggs personality indicator, there are 16 personality types. Interestingly there are 16 tarot court cards. Each court card is an archetypal identification of the 16 personality … Read more