Emperor Tarot Card Love Meaning

emperor tarot card meanings
Emperor: Structure

The Emperor tarot card love meaning

Is the Emperor a good card to get in a Love reading?

The answer is yes if you are business oriented and you want to get ahead in the world. The Emperor speaks of love that both heals and hurts at the same time. The Emperor expects so much of you, both on a professional and personal level. The Emperor’s love comes with much responsibility because there is often a family business/role attached to the relationship. You will get more than just a romance. You will get a job role as well.

The Emperor is very strong, and more often than not this card denotes being with someone who is stronger than you. This is someone who is more worldly than you are and with a higher position in society. Being with the Emperor means standing higher in the world of social class. This both opens up options and it closes down options. If you once daydreamed what life would be like in certain circles and having abundance and prosperity you no longer have to wonder, you will live it. For some people, that means they lose some of their sparks. It was nice to daydream. Now it is time to become someone that is not a threat to the Emperor. Even though you are together it doesn’t mean you share the same world completely, the Emperor doesn’t let you in completely. You will always be a little bit on the outside where you will reinvent yourself. You will become a person of class and taste whether you like it or not.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Emperor tarot card.

The Emperor means stability and security. No one can escape life’s realities no matter how secure one may sit in society. A life with the Emperor always comes with some hard life lessons. Teachers in the shape of children, family and friends will appear to teach you about your heart. At times, you will wonder if you would have been safer with someone less rich and accomplished. The Emperor needs to rule and often bites over more than they can chew in life, not that the Emperor will ever admit to that, and there are always so much to do and to keep on top of when in a relationship with the Emperor. Most people entering into an Emperor relationship become highly intuitive and creative in a way to keep up with everything that is going on. The Emperor provides material comfort, but it will be your role to create with what the Emperor gives you. Children is a must. A beautiful home is an absolute. A thriving business will also have to be achieved with the Emperor. Did I mention you will have to learn to be a highly skilled business person? Just being you is no longer enough. You will look back at your life with the Emperor wondering what happened to the person you once were. Your achievements will make you proud, but a part of you will sit in all your abundance wondering if you missed the most important thing of all, the connection with your soul. It is a must that you keep this connection alive while in a relationship with the Emperor because otherwise this relationship will chew you up and spit you back out. You must stay strong within yourself to survive because the Emperor provides material comfort, and expects you to provide emotional solitude. You will have to be the wise one. You will have to be the nurturing one. The Emperor teaches you to be strong. You will never be the same after the relationship with the Emperor.

You will end up doing a full circle and return to your inner most sacred self, and when you reach this point you will be the most powerful one in the relationship. The Emperor (your partner) will take a step back from the spotlight and you will become the center of everyone’s attention. You will become the strongest one in the end because being with the Emperor made you strong.

The Emperor tarot card Love Meanings summary

The Emperor gives you a life of security and abundance, but you must follow the rules set by society and be devoted to your family and the family enterprise. You will always be a bit on the outer looking in while the Emperor is ‘ruling’ the world. You will enjoy the fruits of the Emperor’s labour but you are also expected to participate in a way that doesn’t feel threatening to the Emperor. The Emperor denotes a relationship where your partner is the strongest one and you will have to find your own unique self. In the end, your roles will change and you will become the strongest one, but only because you learnt from the best (the Emperor). 


  1. Having both a narcissist and a male person as past and current love interest, I can say, from my experience that the narcissist comes up as the Devil reversed (unhealthy relationship). The current love interest, who always comes up as the Emperor, while a bit of a control freak and into money is nurturing despite his ambition.

  2. Hi Inger,
    I always look at my boyfriend being the King of cups (hes a Cancer) but lately I
    Keep getting the Emperor with the Lovers ace of cups or two of cups
    can the Emperor mean my boyfriend getting into a new role towards me? I do not want
    To be with another person : ) in case it means another.
    My dad passed away, so it cannot mean my dad. Also I have taken over my dad’s business
    and my boyfriend is in the same field and doing much better financially than me. Or can the
    Emperor mean I have to take on those qualities?
    Actually my questions have been “business and life in general”. I always wonder about the
    Court cards: How do I know if it is someone else or an aspect of myself? i am confused.
    Thanks in advance : )

  3. The Emperor is now you as you have taken over the business, and it means you will make it into a success. The Emperor signifies creating stability, both financial and in love 🙂

  4. Dear Inger,
    sometimes things are so simple, no? Haha
    Thanks always : )
    You and your site are great!

  5. Hi Inger!

    I do a reading about my lovelife in the future. I’m a guy who likes guy too. I want to know the characteristic of my future boyfriend. I’ve been single too long. I got The Emperor, The Moon, and 8 of Wands. I’m not really sure about the meaning. The Emperor has masculine energy but The Moon is feminime. Can you help me to understand the meaning of this? Since The Emperor is connected to Aries as fire sign and Mars, does it mean my boyfriend’s sign is Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? Can you help me identify where I’m gonna meet him?

  6. You could meet this person while traveling. I laid out some cards for you and got the Fool. The Emperor with the Moon can mean he will be very balanced between male and female which is a good thing.

  7. Hi Inger

    That’s funny. After I read your reply, I drew it again for two cards only and I got The Fool too and The Lovers. Honestly, I’m a little bit sad because of The Fool in my love reading. The potency of having broken heart is high.

  8. Hi Inger!
    I was doing a love reading late at night and i got the ace of cups which i believe means new love, the second card was the emperor,thenthe star and in the end, the death card.I’m guessing it means a really strong feeling but i’m kinda new to tarot and other than love is coming which will change me,i could not read more.By the way, i’m in high school and i’ve never been in love.Thank you for your help?

  9. This card combination can speak of love that changes you, and you will have to make some big choices that will lead to a completely new life. You might be at the crossroad for a while, wondering what to do. I feel it could be a complete life style change and a new life altogether.

  10. Hi Inger! I did a love reading to see my connection with a guy I dated years back but he contact me again but I don’t know he’s true intentions with me. I got the emperor, six of wands, and final card the chariot.. what do you think?

  11. Hi i drew an Emperor card. When I read about what the card means in past, present and future it spoke a lot about my life. Not sure if it was just a coincidence or what..

  12. Hello, I had a reconciliation card reading, and i ended up with the high priestess (upright, 1st card i think maybe meaning past?); justice upside down (2nd), and emperor upright. What do they mean together? i would greatly appreciate the help!!

  13. When Justice shows up reversed it often means the boundaries in this relationship was a bit messed up, and you could have felt on uneven ground a lot of the time. Maybe your personal boundaries were not respected, or the ‘rules’ of the relationship kept changing, or both. Either way, if your inner life and your emotions suffered in this relationship, then this relationship will not be for your highest and best 2nd time around either.

  14. thank you so much for your reply 🙂
    i think there was a bit of misunderstanding in the past, but if it is these 3 cards how high are the chances that he will come back be?



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