Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

 chariot tarot card meaning

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Chariot tarot card meanings stem from its connection to Astrology and Numerology. The Chariot tarot card can mean:


Victory and success. 

Being a hero.

Using your willpower to accomplish your goals.

Being assertive.

Being in control.

Getting your way.

Looking out for your own interests.


Your vehicle.


Lack of direction.



Chariot tarot card and Astrology

Chariot tarot card is ruled by the sign Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. The crab has a hard shell, symbolising the need to be in control over your emotions. With the crab comes claws that tend to grab things to hang on to, especially the home, family, friends and possessions. Cancer is the first water sign and deals primarily with the ebb and flow of life. Despite any obstacle that may come our way, we must proceed forward towards what will ultimately enlighten us. The Moon also rules the High Priestess card.

You can learn more about the Moon in astrology on Cafe Astrology Website here. 

Chariot as a Symbol of Helios and our Eternal Spirit

Helios is often seen as a symbol of eternal spirit and the immortal essence that transcends the physical realm. Helios was believed to drive a chariot across the sky each day, bringing light and warmth to the world. His journey symbolized the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. This constant renewal became a metaphor for the immortal spirit within every living being. The Sun being a symbol of our connection to Creator of All.

The eternal spirit is, like Creator of all, a timeless and unchanging force. It is not bound by the constraints of mortality or the limitations of the physical body. Instead, the spirit is seen as a radiant and enduring essence that persists beyond the transient nature of the material plane. This is also the deeper meaning of the Chariot. When the Chariot is in your reading, you could be experiencing a deepening in your faith. Learn more about Helios on THEOI Greek Mythology website here. 

The Chariot in the Vision Quest

In the Lovers card, we see Adam and Eve who were cast out of Eden. This is a symbol of the vision quest. In the Chariot, the Seeker is journeying deep within themselves. They find themselves in the Strength card which is the same story as Beauty and the Beast. You can read all about it here. 

Chariot tarot card meanings upright

Chariot tarot card meanings in a general reading

Chariot tarot card represents your will-power and determination. In a reading, the Chariot reminds us to steer our lives in the direction we desire. If we apply will-power and motivation, we can create our own destiny. The Chariot can also represent travel or your vehicle.

Chariot tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the Chariot tarot card denotes the importance of loving yourself first. This card speaks of self-love. The state of your relationships is a reflection of how the Seeker feels about himself/herself. The Chariot also denotes the Seeker feels they have to be the strong one in the relationship.

Chariot tarot card in a career reading

In a career reading the Chariot signifies careers in transport, quality control, software, audits and OH&S. Chariot can also indicate military careers. Chariot speaks of pursuing your career path with great will and determination.

The Chariot tarot card as Feelings

The Chariot tarot card as feelings speaks of love that makes the Seeker brave. This love also inspires the Seeker and they feel they can do anything because of the love they have in their lives. Chariot speaks of love that manifests itself in action and strength of character. The Seeker has overcome a lot of obstacles in life and is feeling stronger and braver as a result.

Chariot tarot card as Personality types

Chariot tarot card people are very strong-willed. They are determined to succeed in this world and come across as quite fearless. Sometimes they fake it until they make it and they are rarely as confident as they seem. What drives them is their desire to do well, and they will work hard to get what they want. This is someone who puts in the effort. They are learning to be diligent, self-composed, self-aware, and brave.

Chariot tarot card meanings reversed

Instead of charging ahead, there is the feeling of giving up before giving it a go. ‘What is the point’ is the energy in Chariot reversed.

The Seeker could be too self-conscious to move forward. The outside environment is not very favourable either. On a more practical note, the Chariot shows up sometimes reversed when the Seeker is experiencing car trouble and becomes stagnant due to loss of a vehicle.

Chariot tarot card reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Chariot tarot card reversed as personality types can indicate someone who lack direction in their lives.This card reversed can speak of someone who feels disconnected to the place where they live. They often dream of another time and place.

Chariot tarot card meanings summary

Chariot tarot card meanings indicate success and victory in career and personal goals. The Chariot gives you the green light to move forward with your life in the direction of your desire. The success seen in this card is due to the Seeker has a value system they fully believe in. This gives them safety and confidence.

Chariot tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Chariot:

The Chariot(VII) + The Fool: Life on the road. Touring. Backpacking. 

The Chariot(VII) + Justice: Success in legal affairs. Winning a legal case. 

The Chariot(VII) + Judgement: Finding your calling in life.

The Chariot(VII) + The World: Travelling the world.

The Chariot(VII) + Ace of swords: Acing a job interview. Winning a debate. 

The Chariot(VII) + Five of swords: Winning in conflict. Getting back at someone. 

The Chariot(VII) + Seven of swords: Undercover. Pretending to be someone else. Hiding who you are. 

The Chariot(VII) + Ace of cups: A sea change. 

The Chariot(VII) + Six of cups: Visiting an old friend.

The Chariot(VII) + Ten of cups: A spiritual journey. 

The Chariot(VII) + Queen of cups: Winning in artistic endeavours.

The Chariot(VII) + King of cups: Recognition at work. 

The Chariot(VII) + Ace of wands: Lifestyle change. 

The Chariot(VII) + Seven of wands: Success in public speaking. Success in teaching. 

The Chariot(VII) + Eight of wands: Much travel. 

The Chariot(VII) + Ten of wands: Spending too much time at work. Performance-punishment. 

The Chariot(VII) + King of wands: Success in self-employment. 

The Chariot(VII) + Ace of pentacles: Promotion. Earning more money. 

The Chariot(VII) + Four of pentacles: Winning in business. 

The Chariot(VII) + Six of pentacles: Successful charity. Overseas charity. 

The Chariot(VII) + Nine of pentacles: A successful holiday. A holiday home. 

The Chariot(VII) + Knight of pentacles: A successful career change. 

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