Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

emperor tarot card meaning

Emperor Tarot
Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Emperor tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The Emperor tarot card can mean:


Creating order out of chaos.

Leadership and authority.

Making your own rules and having others obeying them.

Being your own boss.

Structure, logic, and reason.

Energy, force, and drive. 

Being fearless.



Poor leadership

Lack of energy

Emperor tarot card meanings and Astrology

Emperor tarot card is connected with Mars and is ruled by Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and denotes leadership and initiative. Mars energizes all other planets in the zodiac. Mars governs the masculine element and is known as the warrior planet, it covers sexual powers, courage, energy, action, protectiveness, and valor. Mars also governs sharp instruments, fire and anything combustible, and if Mars is too energetic, emotional outbursts could erupt. If harmonious, Mars assists with endurance and determination. Mars is also connected to the Tower tarot card.

Learn more about Mars in the Signs on Cafe Astrology website here.

Emperor as the Rama Archetype

Rama, a central figure in Hindu mythology, is revered as the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu and the hero of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana. As an archetype, Rama embodies virtues, ideals, and the concept of dharma (righteousness) similar to the Emperor tarot card.

Rama is considered an ideal king  and leader. His rule in the kingdom of Ayodhya is characterized by justice, compassion, and the well-being of his subjects. He represents the qualities of an enlightened and just ruler, the ideal son, husband and father.

Rama’s relationship with his wife, Sita, is often celebrated as a symbol of marital devotion and loyalty. His unwavering commitment to Sita, even through challenges and trials, underscores the sacredness of marriage and loyalty. The Emperor is a symbol of taking commitment very seriously. Learn more about Rama on Learn Religions website. 

Emperor in the vision quest

king Niðhad

Emperor is a metaphor for the subconscious mind which is about 90-95 % and it is a powerful force in the Seeker’s life. It determines success or failure. If you have read my article about Völund who is captured by King Niðhad, you will know that the Emperor tarot card is King Niðhad. Niðhad means downstairs. The downstairs king is the subconscious. Völund kills off the two spoilt princes during this vision quest. He destroys his own negative and spoilt aspects. The Emperor speaks of being in control of our own mind and emotions. It does not speak of controlling others. When King Niðhad, the Emperor, is healthy, our lives blossoms and we have wonderful relationships with both ourselves and others.

Emperor tarot card meanings upright

Emperor tarot card meanings in a general reading

Emperor tarot card represents masculine energy, the ruler, and head of the household. Emperor can denote leaders of companies, organisations, and communities. The Emperor is an authority figure who creates a solid foundation for others to build upon. The Emperor creates order out of chaos. The Emperor uses logic rather than intuition, and he prefers well thought out plans above impulsive action. The Emperor has strong values and beliefs and is not likely to budge. The Emperor can often represent big companies and/or government organisations.

In a reading, Emperor tarot card often shows up when it is time for the seeker to make a fresh start. This card advises that self-control and discipline are the best way forward. Make a commitment and honour it.

Emperor tarot card meanings in a love reading

In a love reading, the Emperor tarot card denotes a relationship where the couple often works together building up their own empire. If the seeker is single, this card can mean they soon will meet someone who is very serious to have a committed relationship.

Emperor tarot card meanings in a career reading

In a career reading the Emperor tarot card signifies self-employment or high-level leadership jobs. It can also speak of Government jobs. This card signifies being in full control and at a high-management level. You are a leader. Sometimes, Emperor speaks of working in real estate, insurance, and even buying and restoring properties and businesses.

Is the Emperor tarot card a Yes or No in Tarot?

Emperor tarot card speaks of Energy and Vitality and denotes a strong likelihood of Yes in a yes/no question.

Emperor tarot card meanings as feelings

Emperor tarot card denotes the seeker has decided to take a break from feelings. There is so much going on in the Seeker’s life and the Seeker needs to stay on top of it. Feelings can be a big distraction now. The Seeker also learned from an early age that they had to be the one responsible because they experienced a lack of responsibility in the world around them. Emperor denotes that the Seeker often feels the weight of the world on their shoulder. They have mastered their emotions and they feel deeply, but they don’t allow themselves to be emotional.

Emperor tarot card meanings as Personality types

Emperor tarot card denotes someone competitive and ambitious. This is the aggressive alpha-male who naturally gain power over others. Honest and offensive, Emperor people don’t apologise for their behaviour. They are confident and sure of their own worth, ready to take charge of any situation. Confrontational by nature they often exhibit anger issues and have a big ego. They love being in charge. They also love getting lots of attention from others.

Emperor tarot card meanings reversed

Emperor tarot card reversed often denotes someone with a childish streak, inconsistent and unpredictable. If Emperor reversed represents the Seeker, it can mean something is blocking the energy that gives the person authority. Rather than being respected, you might find that people are disrespecting and dishonouring you. There is a lack of control and order. Emperor reversed can indicate a time when chaos and havoc rules.

Emperor tarot card meanings reversed as a Personality type

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Emperor tarot card reversed can indicate someone who feels dissatisfied and is unhappy with their life situation. They often lack confidence. This is someone who is absent or elusive. Dreamy and impulsive, they can come across as highly unpredictable. Emperor reversed tarot card often shows up reversed when you are dealing with teenagers or people who are testing your boundaries. Emperor reversed can show up when the Seeker is between their old and new self. They have changed a lot but their new selves are not fully formed. They could find this state very frustrating but it is important to not give up. They are learning about their strength and weaknesses, fears and desires.

Emperor Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Emperor:

The Emperor(IV) + The Hierophant: A cornerstone business. Franchise. 

The Emperor(IV) + The Lovers: A stable relationship. 

The Emperor(IV) + The Hermit: Retirement. 

The Emperor(IV) + Justice: Justice system. 

The Emperor(IV) + The World: The government.

The Emperor(IV)  + Two of swords: A diplomat.

The Emperor(IV) + Four of swords: A hospital. 

The Emperor(IV) + Five of swords: A criminal. 

The Emperor(IV) + Eight of swords: Prison guard. A prison. 

The Emperor(IV) + Ace of cups: A spiritual leader. 

The Emperor(IV) + Seven of cups: The internet. 

The Emperor(IV) + Nine of cups: A restaurant. 

The Emperor(IV) + Ten of cups: Head of the family. 

The Emperor(IV) + Knight of cups: Theater. 

The Emperor(IV) + Ace of wands: A new career path. 

The Emperor(IV) + Two of wands: Promotion. 

The Emperor(IV) + Four of wands: Marriage.

The Emperor(IV) + Seven of wands: An academy. 

The Emperor(IV) + Queen of wands: Business school. 

The Emperor(IV) + Ace of pentacles: Government job. 

The Emperor(IV) + Three of pentacles: Team leader. 

The Emperor(IV) + Six of pentacles: Large charity. 

The Emperor(IV) + Seven of pentacles: A science project. 

The Emperor(IV) + Knight of pentacles: Government housing.

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Emperor tarot card meanings summary

Emperor denotes leadership and authority. The Seeker will achieve the best result when implementing structure and logic to their projects when the Emperor tarot card shows up. The Emperor tarot card can also signify government, government agencies, and large cooperation. In a career reading the Emperor often shows up when the Seeker will be most satisfied working for themselves.

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