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Lenormand card 20 garden


Garden Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twentieth Lenormand card, garden, is social events. Garden also signifies public affairs.

Garden Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Garden in Rider position: Making new friends.

Garden in Clover position: A lucky social circle. The elite.

Garden in Ship position: A holiday with friends. A public holiday/trip. A cruise ship.

Garden in House position: Investing in a garden. A public house. A public garden. Feeling at home in the garden. Hosting a party.

Garden in Tree position: A retreat. A spa.

Garden in Clouds position: Events being confusing.

Garden in Snake position: A gossiper.

Garden in Coffin position: A funeral. Social life ending. Cancelled events.

Garden in Bouquet position: A wedding.

Garden in Scythe position: A selective few. The elite.

Garden in Whip position: A public competition. A sporting event.

Garden in Birds position: A couples retreat.

Garden in Child position: The playground. A party for young people.

Garden in Fox position: A work-related event. Working in social events. A gardener. A public job.

Garden in Bear position: A public person.

Garden in Star position: The Oscars. Events for famous people.

Garden in Stork position: A christening. Changes in social life.

Garden in Dog position: A popular friend. A dog party. Pet party.

Garden in Tower position: A public institution. High society.

Garden in Garden position: Many social events.

Garden in Mountain position: Social events delayed.

Garden in Crossroad position: Choosing who to spend time with. Social events bringing options. Networking.

Garden in Mice position: Public loss. Social events bringing stress.

Garden in Heart position: Social life bringing love. Public love.

Garden in Ring position: An engagement party. A wedding.

Garden in Book position: Graduation party. Secret party. Getting published.

Garden in Letter position: An online event. An invitation.

Garden in Man position: A public man.

Garden in Woman position: A public woman.

Garden in Lily position: Meeting an older person.

Garden in Sun position: Public success.

Garden in Moon position: Public art. Nightlife.

Garden in Key position: a Public life of importance. Meeting important people.

Garden in Fish position: Public business events.

Garden in Anchor position: Long-term public life.

Garden in Cross position: Public burden. A cemetery.