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Lenormand card 8 Coffin


Coffin Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the eighth Lenormand card, coffin, is endings.

Coffin Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Coffin in Rider position: New beginnings. Rebirth. Starting over.

Coffin in Clover position: End of fortune. End of luck.

Coffin in Ship position: End of travels. A permanent move.

Coffin in House position: Endings within the family. Renovating.

Coffin in Tree position: Ageing. Poor health.

Coffin in Clouds position: End of confusion.

Coffin in Snake position: End of betrayal.

Coffin in Coffin position: Permanent endings.

Coffin in Bouquet position: End of a happy situation.

Coffin in Scythe position: End of surgery.

Coffin in Whip position: End of arguments.

Coffin in Birds position: Endings with friends.

Coffin in Child position: End of childhood.

Coffin in Fox position: End of a job.

Coffin in Bear position: End of leadership.

Coffin in Star position: End of a dream.

Coffin in Stork position: Being stuck. A big change is easier than small changes.

Coffin in Dog position: End of a friendship. Endings with pets.

Coffin in Tower position: Endings with government and authority. Being stuck in the system.

Coffin in Garden position: End of a social life. A graveyard.

Coffin in Mountain position: Long lasting stalemate.

Coffin in Crossroad position: End of choices.

Coffin in Mice position: End of loss and hardship.

Coffin in Heart position: Endings in the relationship.

Coffin in Ring position: End of marriage. End of a partnership.

Coffin in Book position: End of studying.

Coffin in Letter position: Negative messages. Rejection letters.

Coffin in Man position: A negative man. A dangerous man.

Coffin in Woman position: A negative woman. A dangerous woman.

Coffin in Lily position: Growing old in mind and body.

Coffin in Sun position: End of success.

Coffin in Moon position: End of romance.

Coffin in Key position: Necessary endings. Important endings.

Coffin in Fish position: End of business. Closing down business. A funeral home.

Coffin in Anchor position: End of security.

Coffin in Cross position: End of sacrifice. End of worry.