Ship Lenormand

ship lenormand card meaning
Ship: Travel overseas

Ship Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the third lenormand card, Ship, is overseas travel, or long distance travel.

Tree Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Ship in Rider position: Far away news.

Ship in Clover position: A trip will bring luck.

Ship in Ship position: Much travel.

Ship in House position: Settling down far away. Immigrating.

Ship in Tree position: Travel for health benefits.

Ship in Clouds position: Travel that brings uncertainty.

Ship in Snake position: Travel to a danger zone.

Ship in Coffin position: Travel that ends quickly or gets cancelled.

Ship in Bouquet position: Travel that make you happy.

Ship in Scythe position: Travel to have surgery.

Ship in Whip position: Travel problems.

Ship in Birds position: Travel with others.

Ship in Child position: Travelling with a child.

Ship in Fox position: Travel with work.

Ship  in Bear position: Travel to invest.

Ship in Star position: Travel to a dream location.

Ship in Stork position: Travel to start something new.

Ship in Dog position: Travel with a friend.

Ship in Tower position: Dealing with a foreign government.

Ship in Garden position: Travel to a social event.

Ship in Mountain position: Travel being delayed.

Ship in Crossroad position: Many travel choices.

Ship in Mice position: Stressful travel, loosing travel documents, getting robbed on travels.

Ship in Heart position: Travel for love.

Ship in Ring position: Travel to get married. A honeymoon.

Ship in Book position: Travel to study.

Ship in Letter position: Travel news, postcards from travels.

Ship in Man position: A travelling man.

Ship in Woman position: A travelling woman.

Ship in Lily position: Travel in retirement.

Ship in Sun position: Travel to a sunny place.

Ship in Moon position: A romantic travel.

Ship in Key position: An important travel.

Ship in Fish position: Business travel.

Ship in Anchor position: Travel on boat.

Ship in Cross position: A pilgrim.