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wunjo elder futhark rune meaningWunjo Elder Futhark Rune Meaning

Wunjo is the 8th rune in the elder futhark, which is the oldest of the runic alphabets. It consists of 24 letters divided into 3 aetts. There are 8 runes in each aett. The 1.st aett is called Frey’s aett. 

Wunjo upright ~ Inner and outer beauty, friendship, happiness, domestic bliss, a happy home, wooing, creativity, holding a high vibration, being connected to your heart, perfection, marriage, angels, everything will work out in the end, ‘living happily ever after’, absolute love, good news, good fortune, fulfilling life, success, becoming an artist of life, connecting with creation, love, trust, honesty. 

Wunjo reversed ~ Sorrow, alienation, insanity, anger, rage, unhappiness, chaos.

The original meaning of Wunjo is to woo.

Associated deity from the mythology: Frigga

f fu uth,þ þa ar rk kg gw wh hn ni ij jï,ei ïp pz zs st tb be em ml lŋ ŋd do o

Wunjo Birthstone Dates and Times:

This is the birthstone for people born between 13th of October to 28th of October (starting and ending 12.30 pm), and the message of this rune is closely related to your life purpose.

It is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 19.30-20.30.

Direction ~ North

The Mythology of Wunjo

This rune is connected with Frigga, Odin’s devoted wife and queen of the gods of Asgard. Frigga, a true romantic at heart also helps Cinderella find her prince Charming. Frigga was the only deity with any influence over the three Norns, the weavers of fate and time.

Interpretation of Wunjo

Wunjo shows up in a reading to remind you of your happiness. This is ‘the happiness’ rune so whatever you are asking the runes about having a very favorable outcome, especially in regards to marriage, family, and your home.

Wunjo rune meaning on a rune cloth

Water ~ Charity.  

Fire ~ Striving for perfection. 

Earth ~ Happiness in the home. Gardening.

Air ~ Laughter and humor.

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