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Ansuz elder futhark rune meaningAnsuz Elder Futhark Rune Meaning

Ansuz is the 4th rune elder futhark, which is the oldest of the runic alphabets. It consists of 24 letters divided into 3 aetts. There are 8 runes in each aett. The aett is called Frey’s aett. 

Ansuz ~ communication, talking, channeling, conveying a message, giving things a name, language, finding answers, the past will teach you something about the future, discovering something, storytime, Dreamtime, advisory, wise counsel, worldly experience, singing, using your intelligence to solve problems,the power of words, wit and verbal dexterity, cosmic forces, having a voice, making yourself heard, letters and mail, our elders.  

Ansuz reversed ~ Lies, trickery and deceit, misunderstandings, lack of communications. 

Ansuz means mouth.

f fu uth,þ þa ar rk kg gw wh hn ni ij jï,ei ïp pz zs st tb be em ml lŋ ŋd do o

Associated deity from the mythology: Odin.

Ansuz birthstone Dates and times:

This is the birthstone for people born between 13th of August and 29th of August (starting and ending 12.30 pm), and the message of this rune is closely related to your life purpose.

It is the inner rune (your inner self) for people born between 15.30-16.30.

Direction ~ East

 The Mythology of Ansuz

Ansuz is Odin’s rune and Odin was considered the creator of the runes themselves. He learned the secrets of the runes by hanging 9 nights from Yggdrasil, the world tree. Odin also sacrificed one eye to drink the water of wisdom and therefore become knowledgeable. Odin’s two pet birds, Hugin(thought) and Munin(memory) are famous for keeping Odin informed about everything that happens in all the 9 worlds.

Interpretation of Ansuz

If Ansuz is showing up in a reading you must think of what is your message, what is your purpose and what are you here to teach. You are meant to use your voice in some way to get a message through. Make sure you know what you are talking about. You are passing down knowledge.  Fehu is receiving with its arm up in the air. Ansuz is giving with its arms down towards the ground. Sometimes other people’s need will be greater than yours. You must stretch your arms out and help someone who is need of your advice and wisdom. Walk your talk. Live your truth. This way people will look up to you and follow your example.

Ansuz rune meaning on a rune cloth

Water ~ Read between the lines when communicating with others.   

Fire ~ Cooperation. 

Earth ~ Honor your responsibilities. 

Air ~ Surprise meeting that turns out to be very fortunate.