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Lenormand card 9 bouquet


Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the ninth Lenormand card, bouquet, is happiness.

Bouquet Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Bouquet in Rider position: Happy news. Happy new beginning.

Bouquet in Clover position: Happiness creating good fortune.

Bouquet in Ship position: A happy trip overseas.

Bouquet in House position: A happy home. Happy family.

Bouquet in Tree position: Great health and vitality.

Bouquet in Clouds position: Happiness clouded.

Bouquet in Snake position: Happiness causing jealousy.

Bouquet in Coffin position: Happiness ends.

Bouquet in Bouquet position: Lasting happiness.

Bouquet in Scythe position: Sudden end of a happy situation.

Bouquet in Whip position: A happy situation turns sour.

Bouquet in Birds position: Happiness in a relationship.

Bouquet in Child position: A happy child.

Bouquet in Fox position: Happiness at work.

Bouquet in Bear position: Promotions.

Bouquet in Star position: Dreams come true.

Bouquet in Stork position: Happy change.

Bouquet in Dog position: Good friendships. Reunions.

Bouquet in Tower position: A fortunate and happy organisation/institution.

Bouquet in Garden position: High social status.

Bouquet in Mountain position: A challenge that brings happiness.

Bouquet in Crossroad position: Making the right decision.

Bouquet in Mice position: Happiness being robbed/ruined by others.

Bouquet in Heart position: Happy love life.

Bouquet in Ring position: Engagement, marriage. A happy contract.

Bouquet in Book position: Studies that brings happiness. Learning for fun.

Bouquet in Letter position: Happy news.

Bouquet in Man position: A wonderful man.

Bouquet in Woman position: A wonderful woman.

Bouquet in Lily position: Happy retirement.

Bouquet in Sun position: Celebration. Reward.

Bouquet in Moon position: Happy romance.

Bouquet in Key position: Knowing what makes you happy.

Bouquet in Fish position: Good business. Prosperous business.

Bouquet in Anchor position: Happiness at the core of your being.

Bouquet in Cross position: Happiness being fragile.