Clover Lenormand

lenormand card two clover

Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the second Lenormand card, Clover, is luck.

Clover Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Clover in Rider position: Lucky news.

Clover in Clover position: Extra lucky.

Clover in Ship position: Lucky travel.

Clover in House position: A lucky home.

Clover in Tree position: Luck in health.

Clover in Clouds position: Luck in an area you know little about.

Clover in Snake position: Luck in deception.

Clover in Coffin position: Lucky endings.

Clover in Bouquet position: Luck brings happiness.

Clover in Scythe position: Lucky surgery.

Clover in Whip position: Luck in competition.

Clover in Birds position: Lucky union.

Clover in Child position: a Lucky child.

Clover in Fox position: a Lucky job.

Clover  in Bear position: Lucky boss.

Clover in Star position: Dreams coming true.

Clover in Stork position: Lucky change.

Clover in Dog position: Luck with friends.

Clover in Tower position: Luck with authorities.

Clover in Garden position: Lucky social events.

Clover in Mountain position: A lucky delay.

Clover in Crossroad position: Lucky decisions.

Clover in Mice position: Luck is lost.

Clover in Heart position: Luck in love.

Clover in Ring position: Luck in marriage. A fortunate marriage.

Clover in Book position. Luck in a study.

Clover in Letter position: Lucky mail. Good news.

Clover in Man position: A lucky man.

Clover in Woman position: A lucky woman.

Clover in Lily position: Lucky retirement.

Clover in Sun position: Luck in achievement.

Clover in Moon position: A lucky romance.

Clover in Key position: Luck in success.

Clover in Fish position: Luck in business.

Clover in Anchor position: Luck at work.

Clover in Cross position: A blessed ending.

Clover Lenormand Meaning

Clover in Lenormand usually means Luck and Good Fortune. Clover is one of the most positive cards to get in a reading and it denotes a happy outcome to your question.