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Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the second Lenormand card, Clover, is luck.

Clover Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Clover in Rider position: Lucky news.

Clover in Clover position: Extra lucky.

Clover in Ship position: Lucky travel.

Clover in House position: A lucky home.

Clover in Tree position: Luck in health.

Clover in Clouds position: Luck in an area you know little about.

Clover in Snake position: Luck in deception.

Clover in Coffin position: Lucky endings.

Clover in Bouquet position: Luck brings happiness.

Clover in Scythe position: Lucky surgery.

Clover in Whip position: Luck in competition.

Clover in Birds position: Lucky union.

Clover in Child position: a Lucky child.

Clover in Fox position: a Lucky job.

Clover  in Bear position: Lucky boss.

Clover in Star position: Dreams coming true.

Clover in Stork position: Lucky change.

Clover in Dog position: Luck with friends.

Clover in Tower position: Luck with authorities.

Clover in Garden position: Lucky social events.

Clover in Mountain position: A lucky delay.

Clover in Crossroad position: Lucky decisions.

Clover in Mice position: Luck is lost.

Clover in Heart position: Luck in love.

Clover in Ring position: Luck in marriage. A fortunate marriage.

Clover in Book position. Luck in a study.

Clover in Letter position: Lucky mail. Good news.

Clover in Man position: A lucky man.

Clover in Woman position: A lucky woman.

Clover in Lily position: Lucky retirement.

Clover in Sun position: Luck in achievement.

Clover in Moon position: A lucky romance.

Clover in Key position: Luck in success.

Clover in Fish position: Luck in business.

Clover in Anchor position: Luck at work.

Clover in Cross position: A blessed ending.

Clover Lenormand Meaning

Clover in Lenormand usually means Luck and Good Fortune. Clover is one of the most positive cards to get in a reading and it denotes a happy outcome to your question.