Cross Lenormand

Lenormand card 36 cross

Cross Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the last Lenormand card, cross, is worrying. Cross also signifies a burden.

Cross Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Cross in Rider position: Worrisome news.

Cross in Clover position: Luck in un-luck.

Cross in Ship position: A missionary. A spiritual journey.

Cross in House position: A church. A religious family.

Cross in Tree position: Worrying about health.

Cross in Clouds position: Confusion brings worry.

Cross in Snake position: Being bullied.

Cross in Coffin position: End of worry.

Cross in Bouquet position: A spiritual gift.

Cross in Scythe position: Making the wrong decision. Being accident prone.

Cross in Whip position: Arguments brings worry.

Cross in Birds position: Unhappy couple.

Cross in Child position: Worrying about a child. A scared child.

Cross in Fox position: Burdened at work.

Cross in Bear position: A strong burden.

Cross in Star position: Worrying about a dream.

Cross in Stork position: Worrying about changes.

Cross in Dog position: A friend becomes a burden.

Cross in Tower position: A religious organisation.

Cross in Garden position: A charity event.

Cross in Mountain position: Being overburdened.

Cross in Crossroad position: Difficult decisions. No win situation.

Cross in Mice position: Burden and stress.

Cross in Heart position: Worrying about love.

Cross in Ring position: An unhappy marriage. A contract becomes a burden.

Cross in Book position: Religious study.

Cross in Letter position: Worrisome mail.

Cross in Man position: A priest. Religious man.

Cross in Woman position: A religious woman.

Cross in Lily position: Seeking spirituality later in life. Worrying about old age.

Cross in Sun position: Forgiveness. Letting go.

Cross in Moon position: Recognition brings worry. Spiritual art. A fated romance.

Cross in Key position: An important lesson.

Cross in Fish position: Charity.

Cross in Anchor position: Long-term worry.

Cross in Cross position: Constant worry.